Amazon is the most popular and successful e-Commerce platform that hosts millions of sellers. With the increase in the number of brands, it has become challenging for Amazon sellers to satisfy and grab the attention of their customers. Fortunately, Amazon has launched a specified tool, “Amazon storefront,” to increase your customer base. Amazon storefront helps you differentiate your business and gain more customers.

 It increases your brand’s visibility in search engine rankings while providing you an opportunity to tell your brand’s story through a combination of various images, videos, and A+ content. Moreover, this excellent tool helps you stand out among other competitors by driving traffic to your store through various ads.

Amazon storefront

Amazon storefronts are multipage digital storefronts that allow Amazon sellers to showcase all their products in one place and highlight top-notch content and graphics. Thus, it helps to grab the attention of potential customers by providing them with a unique shopping experience.

However, Amazon storefronts offer various benefits to all small and medium e-commerce businesses, and it is completely free of cost. But, Amazon sellers have to meet the following requirements in order to create an Amazon storefront.

1.      Professional seller account

To create an Amazon storefront, it is necessary to have a professional seller’s account. You need to provide your account name, address, bank statement, email, password, and other essential details to get approved.

2.      Signup into the Amazon brand registry

The brand owners and manufacturers must join the Amazon brand registry program by using their professional seller’s account. However, it will take a few days to get approval for this program. After the approval, you have to enroll your brand to create an Amazon storefront.

Here are the following things that you will need:

  • Trademark registration number
  • Brand serial number
  • Complete list of your product categories.
  • The image of your brand name on the product categories.
  • Name of the countries where your product is distributed.

Amazon will send you a verification code in order to make sure that you are the trademark owner. After getting the code, you’ll give it to Amazon. In this way, you’ll get access to Amazon brand registry features.

3.      Create your Amazon store

After enrolling your brand, the next step is to create an Amazon store. Here are the following steps to create an Amazon storefront:

  • Go to seller central, click “Manage Stores,” and then select a homepage theme and template.
  • The next step is to click “create store,” and you’re good to go!

However, if you want to create your own template, you can use various images and videos to highlight your Amazon store’s essential products.

Amazon Seller Central
Source: Amazon seller central

4.      Select a template for your store

There are three templates that you can use for your store—the product grid, marquee, and showcase. These templates help you build your product pages.

Sample Templates

Product grid

The product grid is a simple template. You can add a large volume of products in multiple rows of four. It becomes accessible for customers to browse your entire range of products with minimal scrolling easily. Thus, it makes the purchase of your customers much more simplified.


This template is mostly used in category pages. This effective theme lets you feature products and add other details such as eye-catching images, product descriptions, or text.


This template is used for showcasing products and branded assets. It works exceptionally well for homepages or category pages. Moreover, by using this template, you can feature the bestsellers of your brand to grab the attention of your potential customers.

5.      Add your products

After selecting the template for your store, now it’s time to add products to your Amazon storefront. Product grid and product tiles are the two ways to add products to your Amazon store. However, you can also use ASIN numbers to add products to your store.

How to add products

6.      Submit for approval

After the above steps, submit your store to Amazon for review. Click “submit for publishing.” Amazon may take a few days to complete the process. Thus, the status bar will show you the progress.


Creating an Amazon storefront provides an opportunity to promote your branded products. It increases brand awareness by offering a convenient shopping experience to your customers in one place and helps to skyrocket your sales.

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