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December, 28 2020

5 Useful Amazon Seller Scanner Apps

5 Useful Amazon Seller Scanner Apps

Amazon seller scanner apps are necessary if you want to stay ahead and win the competition. As an Amazon Repricing tool, we suggest having an amazon seller scanner app on your phone to remain profitable and make money efficiently after a repricing tool. These apps are smarter than you think! How? Well, Let’s find out!

What is a seller scanner app, and how does it work for Amazon?

An Amazon seller scanner app helps you get all the essential information about any product. Scan the barcode with the app and the information is displayed. It shows you the exact price of the product, its performance, and how much profit you will earn if you decide to sell that particular product. Besides, it also tells you if you are eligible to sell the item on your platform. To get to the top as an FBA seller, you have to make sure you use all the tools and apps to help you reach your target more quickly! Seller scanner apps are one of them.

After knowing how helpful Amazon seller scanner apps can be, you probably want to know about a few of them. We list the top 5 Amazon seller scanner apps for you!

1. Amazon Seller App

Let’s start with a free app. Amazon created this app to help all the Amazon FBA sellers. All you need to have is an Amazon seller account, and you can find your way to the app easily! Scan the barcode of the particular item or search for it manually, and the app shows you almost every detail of the product. It informs you regarding the price, category, estimated profits, fees of FBA, and the number of sellers selling it.

It does have a few drawbacks. The app is made by, and for Amazon, so it doesn’t provide you information from other major platforms such as eBay, Keepa, Google, or camelcamelcamel. It also doesn’t show you the accurate custom fees or tax charges.

Well, it still shouldn’t stop you from using it as it is the best seller scanning app, especially when it comes to new sellers. It is free of cost and helps you make the right decision!

It is available on Amazon as well as Google play store and iTunes.

2. Profit Bandit

Profit Bandit is not free of charge, but it is the most affordable Amazon seller scanner app that helps you search for items instantly. It allows you to make the right buying decision by giving you all the information you need. Every detail displayed on your screen is current, updated, and based on trends and history. You can go to any random store, scan the barcode, and get specifics about that product in real-time!

After evaluating its features given the price ($9.99 per month), we can say that this Amazon seller scanning app is pocket friendly. It is easy to use, and perfect for new FBA sellers who don’t want to spend a lot and still be updated.

3. Scoutify

This specific Amazon seller scanning app is useful for big sellers or starting their business to invest in better tools! It’s a tool provided by InventoryLab. If you use InventoryLab, the Scoutify app is included in your subscription. Otherwise, it is free to download on Android or iPhone. Another attraction for bigger sellers is that it can be downloaded on multiple devices free of charge. In this way, you can collaborate with your team and get that sourcing done quickly. You can view important details of an item just by scanning it. The app can show you the rank, category, offers, buy box, restrictions, and more. It enables you to make crucial decisions in sourcing by giving you the profitability of any given item.

4. FBAScan

FBAScan is famous for its availability even when you don’t have Wi-Fi signals! Besides, it is known for having the largest pricing database of Amazon! It shifts you to the local database from searching live when your phone is unable to catch signals.

It is the perfect tool to have when you are somewhere far and without signals!  Even after using it without Wi-Fi, you can still get access to all the information you need!

5. Scan Power

This Amazon Seller scanning app might be on the pricier side, but it will get you at the top! It provides you with the most error-free, precise, and correct live data gathered from Amazon. You get a hold of the accurate data instantly, and it also comes with a version for desktop that provides you with the ability to search thoroughly! You can also create 2D barcodes using this app, which makes it a perfect option to manage your inventory too!

We always suggest you make smart choices! Found the perfect Amazon seller scanner app? Great! Use it to find the ideal product for you to sell. However, you can’t just stop there! After choosing the best products, you’d want them to stay at the top of buyers’ search! That you can’t do without an Amazon Repricing tool. A repricing tool gives you an edge amongst your competitors. Using the best Amazon repricing tool will increase your chances of winning the Buy Box!

Let Alpha Repricer help you! We offer the fastest, instant, and continuous repricing without cutting your profit margin! We work according to your requirements. Try our 14-day trial, and let us prove it to you! Contact us now and get more information. Happy selling!

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