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January, 12 2021

How to Choose the Best Amazon Repricing Tool

How to choose the best Amazon repricing tool

If you are here, we are sure you have finally made up your mind to sign up with automated repricing! However, choosing the best Amazon repricing tool isn’t easy. Before investing in a repricing tool, you need to research what makes a repricer a good repricing tool. We discuss the key factors you need to consider when getting an Amazon repricing tool to optimize your Amazon sales!

1. Must see if it supports the marketplace you sell on

Amazon repricing tool supporting the marketplace that you are present on is a win-win situation! It is a critical factor to examine before signing up with any amazon repricer. The repricing software must support multiple marketplaces to enable you to expand in the future. and should be able to connect with inventory tools that you use for Amazon.

2. Amazon repricing tool must be according to your pocket

It is an essential factor to take into account as you don’t want to go over the budget with your repricer. Many Amazon repricers provide different price points for all sellers- starting from new ones to the enterprises. Prices can differ according to the number of products you sell on Amazon. Make sure you check every repricing features it offers in each tier. Besides, it is imperative to see if there are any hidden charges.

Here are some points to evaluate:

  • Choose the pricing plan closest to your budget.
  • Before choosing any Amazon repricing tool use the free trial.
  • The authentic amazon repricers don’t ask for your credit card information before you are satisfied with the trial!
  • See if it’s easy to use, easy to sign out, and easy to cancel!

3. You need your Amazon Repricer to be continuously repricing

To get ahead of your competitors, it is necessary to get an amazon repricing tool that reprices continuously! The whole point of having an automated repricer is sellers can not know when they need to adjust their prices. The competition may be in a different time zone and change prices. Hence, it helps if the repricing tool reprices continuously; meaning it monitors prices 24/7/365 and not once every 15 minutes or once an hour. Some repricing tools offer continuous repricing only for their higher-priced tiers. Even then not all inventory is repriced and they set limitations on how many repricing events they will allow.

4. Monitor how fast the Amazon repricing software processes data

Yes, it takes time for Amazon to inform you about the price changes, and it doesn’t occur as fast as you want it to. However, the response time of the repricing tool should be way faster! Get a repricing tool that reacts quickly and doesn’t let you fall behind! The best amazon repricing tool should quickly respond to the notifications received by Amazon of all the price changes. Thus, it keeps you competitive at all times which may result in more Buy Box wins for you.

5. Buy Box friendly repricing tool

An effective repricing software will use algorithms and strategies that will win Buy Box. Most buyers simply click the Buy Now button. They are not even aware of the phrase Buy Box. Sellers know the one in the Buy Box is more likely to make a sale. So the trick is not just to win the Buy Box but also to optimize the Buy Box. A good pricing tool will optimize how long you own the Buy Box and also optimize your price while in the Buy Box. The best Amazon repricing tool helps you maximize your sales and profits by putting you in the Buy Box.

6. Reports and logs

It is essential to know how you can monitor all the information about your repricing activities going on and your status while competing. So another significant point to consider is how much access you have to all the information! The repricer should be able to react to the notification immediately and create a report for you to know and make better business decisions.

7. See if the Amazon repricing tool is flexible!

The amazon repricing tool you choose must be ready to function in all kinds of situations and react accordingly. Such as, an amazon repricer shouldn’t get you to the point where you are selling at the expense of your profit- just to get the Buy Box! It must increase your prices once you win the Buy Box to increase your profit margin! Next, make sure It permits you to set min/ max prices according to your business! Another feature to notice is if it allows you to filter your competitors, so you don’t have to worry about the unwanted ones!

Take pointers and go for the hunt! If you are still unsure about the repricing tool you want to go for, you might want to check out Alpha Repricer. Alpha Repricer ticks all the boxes to be the best Amazon repricer for you out there! It works according to your needs, for you! Alpha Repricer reprices instantly and continuously until you get your Buy Box and then keep you at the top! Plus, we have different price packages mainly depending on your inventory size, so you don’t have to pay extra to use all our features! There are no hidden charges either. Try out a 14-day trial without adding your credit card information, or contact us to learn more!

Still, confused? No worries! Go ahead and check out our blog on the top 10 Amazon repricing software to help you get a clear picture!

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