The Amazon affiliate program is one of the most popular affiliate programs and it is a great way to earn money online. The Amazon affiliate program enables the sellers to drive more traffic to their website. As any Amazon seller knows, more traffic to their products means an opportunity to increase your visibility and customer base.

What is the Amazon Affiliate program?

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The Amazon affiliate program provides an opportunity for social media influencers and bloggers to earn extra income. When an influencer’s followers click on affiliate links from their platform to your Amazon listings, any purchases made will earn the influencer a commission. You may be wondering how influencers getting commissions from Amazon links can benefit you as a seller. Well look no further because there are some great benefits for sellers too.

“According to a statistic, 81% of the brands depend on affiliate programs.”


Benefits of the Amazon affiliate program!

Listed below are the benefits related to the Amazon affiliate program that can help Amazon sellers to boost their sales and profit margin.

Attract more customers through influencers marketing your product

Many influencers and bloggers have a robust following. They have a reputation with their audience and this can automatically be a pool of potential customers for you. With their content attracting the interest of many people, influencers are basically a passive source of marketing for your products. Affiliate links from influencer platforms to your listings can also lead to more visibility and interest in your business and products. 

Affiliate program

Increased customer base leads to increase in sales  

The larger your customer base, the more you can increase your chances to be a successful Amazon seller. Social media influencers and bloggers have large audiences who trust them. When they promote your products and provide links to your listings, it increases your customer base. However, these visitors can end up buying your products because they trust that influencers will only recommend the best products to fulfill their needs or interests.

Amazon affiliate program

“65% of the merchants say they make 5 to 20% of their revenue from affiliate program.”


You can track what products the visitors and buyers showed interest !

As an Amazon seller you will have access to the data from cookies that are created when visitors click on affiliate links to your listings. You can gather information on what product links brought visitors to your page, what other products they viewed from your listings, and which ones they purchased. By accessing this information you can gauge where new customers are coming from and which of your listings gain the most interest. 

It is an affordable way to market your products

Affiliated marketing does not come with any fees. In a world where advertising and marketing can really cost you a lot, the Amazon affiliate program is too good of an opportunity to ignore. You don’t even pay the commissions to the affiliates, Amazon pays them. Low to no cost marketing can be a big boost to your Amazon business.

Affiliate program


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