Amazon sellers often find that the costs of business operations eat into their income a lot faster than anticipated. The Amazon marketplace comes with a number of fees. And sellers must invest in other aspects of business such as sourcing trips and seller tools. All these expenses can be a bit overwhelming for merchants trying to sell profitably on Amazon. However, there are a number of ways for online retailers to reduce their Amazon selling expenses and cut costs to expand their profit margin.

Alpha Repricer- the fastest Amazon repricer is here with a few suggestions for lowering the cost of selling on Amazon!

  1. Choose the correct product categories on Amazon
  2. Offer bundled items
  3. print your own labels
  4. negotiate with the courier services
  5. get free packing supplies
  6. start selling exclusive items
  7. keep an eye on the volume of your boxes
  8. conclusion

1.      Choose the correct Amazon category for your products!

The Amazon referral fee that you have to pay is based on the product category you choose. It is very important to choose your product categories carefully and pay for what your business can afford. For instance, the referral fee is up to 20% for fashion-related items, 17% for apparel accessories, 13% for watches, 6% for beauty products, and 3% for backpacks. Make sure you save the extra cost of the referral fee by going with a smarter option.

2.      Offer products that come in bundles

Go through your past data and explore how you can combine products that are frequently purchased together. Or bundle those products that customers would want to buy in a pack of two, four, or more. If you are an Amazon seller, then you will have to pay FBA shipping charges and other closing costs for each product that you sell separately. However, if you bundle and combine two items together in a single order, your shipping charges will only rise by a small proportion. Save yourself from paying twice up by bundling the two products as one offer. Shipping fees will be according to the size and dimensions of the merged bundle.

3.      Print your own labels!

There are certain companies online that offer convenient label printing options. You can start printing your own brand labels to cut down on extra costs. It is an effective way to get creative with your product labels and bring something new to the table. Plus, you end up saving money, too, if you are shipping your items through Amazon!

4.      Negotiate with the courier services you choose!

If you have large shipments and send out big boxes on a regular basis, then you must consider negotiating with the courier you have been partnered with. Bargain with them for considerable reductions. If you use a courier regularly, they must be happy to work out an agreement. They want that customer retention! And you can get lower delivery prices and save money! That’s a win-win all around.

5.      Get free packing supplies.

Amazon sellers don’t always need to use fresh new packaging or boxes for their orders. Even when you sell locally or online, you may hunt for old boxes and packaging materials. You can get reusable or recycled boxes in local shops. Plus, you can also utilize old newspapers and magazines to pad products and keep them safe. But make sure it doesn’t compromise your presentation. Customers should not feel like they are being shipped garbage!

6.      Start selling exclusive items.

Exclusive products can also help Amazon sellers to cut extra costs. Try to obtain an exclusive license from particular suppliers so that you may become their only distributor on the marketplace. When you are the only sellers showcasing exclusive items, you can set your prices for profit without factoring in competition. Plus, make sure you sell products that give you a higher profit margin. Try to bring those items on board that cost you around $35 or more.

7.      Keep an eye on the volume of your boxes.

You could also save money by making sure the volume of your packaging matches the size of your product. Most courier companies like FedEx or UPS compute their rates either by dimensional weight or actual weight. Make sure that your package size is not costing you more!

Final Thoughts

You might think that an Amazon repricing tool can cost you a fortune. However, that isn’t true! The right Amazon repricer comes with affordable pricing plans and saves you from investing in manual repricing, where you will have to hire a team and pay your labor. Amazon repricing saves you from spending extra hours in front of your desk only to keep an eye on your competitors. You can save your time, effort, and money!

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