The growing population of sellers on Amazon vying for the same customers is making the competition tough. Selling on Amazon isn’t as easy as it seems. The sellers have to consider all the risk factors in order to stay one step ahead. If the buyer on Amazon gets their purchase in bad condition, insufficient quantity, poor packaging, or is defective it can make Amazon look bad. To avoid this, Amazon has created an approval process that Amazon sellers need to follow in order to sell in a specific category. To satisfy and meet customers’ requirements, Amazon has created restricted markets that are called gated categories.

Amazon gated categories

A gated or restricted category is the category that needs Amazon approval for sale. To satisfy customers’ wants and avoid any troubles, Amazon has launched a list of its gated categories that every seller needs to follow. It includes;

Amazon gated category

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  • Watches
  • Sports collected
  • Music, DVD, Video, and Blu-ray
  • Gourmet food
  • Grocery
  • Certain Toys and Games
  • Made in Italy items
  • Professional services
  • Power sports and Automotive
  • Certain entertainment items
  • Precious gems and fine jewelry
  • Scientific and industrial
  • Amazon subscription boxes
  • Fine Art

Amazon has built its position in the e-Commerce marketplace globally, so it’s their way of limiting risk by making sure that the customers get high-quality products.

How to get approval in order to start selling in the Amazon Gated category?

Amazon gated category

Amazon sellers need to meet all the requirements to start selling in an Amazon gated category.

·         Professional sellers account

You need to have a professional selling account. If you are looking to sell on Amazon, set your seller account.

·         Your product listings must meet the high-quality standards of Amazon

Your product listings must be according to the requirements of Amazon, such as a descriptive product title, high-quality images, clear bullet points, product description, and competitive price.

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·         UPC codes

All the products must contain UPC codes and must be printed on the top of each product. It is essential to meet this requirement in order to get approval.

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·         High sellers’ performance

It is necessary to have a top-notch selling performance in order to get approval to start selling in an Amazon gated category. High-performance metrics increase your chances of getting approved. Amazon needs the following performance metrics:

  1. The pre-fulfillment cancel rate must not exceed 2.5%.
  2. Order defect rate must be 1% or less.
  3. The Late shipment rate should not be above 4%.

·         Category-specific requirements

In order to get your application approved, you need to fulfill all the category-specific requirements that include;

  1. The product condition requirements
  2. Refund policies
  3. Packaging or preparation requirements
  4. Regulatory requirements

·         Submit your application

You can submit your application now if you have fulfilled all the requirements. Try to submit your application during US business hours to get a response immediately.

Tips for getting approved in an Amazon gated category

Following tips can help you stay ahead and get approved in an Amazon gated category.

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·         Avoid using private label products

It’s better and less risky if you sell popular brand items. Selling private label products may affect your chances of getting approval. However, once you get the approval to sell in an Amazon gated category, you can start selling private label products.

·  Invoice quantities and sellable unit quantities

Your product invoice quantities and sellable units are valuable. It decreases your risk chances and also helps you get the approval. It is essential to provide at least three to four invoices and 36 sellable units per category.

·         Invoices with recent dates

To increase your possibilities of getting approved in an Amazon gated category, make sure that your invoice is no older than 6 months. Moreover, this will create ample chances for you to stay ahead and get approval.


There are plenty of different reasons that Amazon restricts specific items and categories. Their primary purpose is to ensure the quality and safety of the products in all categories. Amazon sellers must follow all the required steps to get the approval and start selling in an Amazon gated category.

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