As a seller, when you think of Amazon, the first word that comes to your mind is products! But that’s not always it. Amazon is an excellent way for entrepreneurs to generate revenue differently and without selling anything on the platform! One of the best ways to make money on Amazon is through affiliate marketing. Here is all that you need to know regarding affiliate marketing and how you can easily generate money through it on Amazon.

What do you mean by Amazon Affiliate marketing?

The Amazon affiliate program is truly the best way to make money on Amazon without selling products by yourself. It is free for bloggers or other social media influencers to become Amazon affiliates. All you have to do is create links and display products in a product category on Amazon that you think will attract most buyers. When purchasers buy any specific product by clicking the link you showed, you earn a commission/referral fee.

Signing up as an Amazon affiliate is very easy and the most straightforward way to earn money! If you do it the right way, it can be extremely profitable.

Significance of Amazon Affiliate program

  • You can make a good amount of money without selling products on Amazon, as most people do.
  • The process of becoming an Amazon Affiliate and then maintaining your work is easy, and once you get started, you get a hold of it.
  • All you need is traffic on your site and customer engagement to earning money through Amazon.

Rules to follow if you sign up for the Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon has clear guidelines for all the entrepreneurs wanting to earn through the Amazon affiliate program. It is better to follow all the rules to avoid getting in trouble, or else you can get banned from the affiliate program. Here are some of the rules to take care of before you dive into it:

  • You must mention that you earn money from each recommendation you make on your page.
  • You must not make any false or invalid claims while recommending your products to the customers.
  • Do not shorten your affiliate links.
  • If you are promoting offline or marketing through emails, don’t use Amazon’s affiliate links.
  • Avoid mentioning prices because they keep on changing.

How to start Amazon Affiliate marketing?

1.      Create your platform: website, blog, or app!

To start on Amazon as an Amazon affiliate, you should have an active blog page, website, or app. However, we suggest you start building your platform and post relevant content so that your site looks authentic and attractive to Amazon and the audience.

Make sure you add a proper description of your site or any platform you will use in your application. Pre-plan how you are going to bring traffic to your site and your target audience. Mention everything that you have planned in your application and send it to Amazon.

2.      Create an Amazon Associates account

  • Visit the homepage of Amazon Associates on Amazon and click on the option of “Join Now for Free.”
  • You will have two options; either log in with your existing account on Amazon or create a new one.

3.      Start building your profile!

Once you are done signing up for the program, starting bringing traffic to your site. Click on the option of “New customer” and start following to grow your site.

4.      Add your account information and website address.

Enter all the necessary information that includes your name, number, and address. Also, provide links to all the websites you use like Youtube, other social media, or any apps that you are associated with.

5.      Let them know about your preferred store ID.

Enter the ID of your preferred store and explain how your website is going to achieve the target. Select the topics on Amazon that your links will target to attract buyers.

Describe how you make links and how you use your site and apps to earn revenue. Mention how many customers typically visit your site in a month. Add a proper figure.

7.      Add your phone number.

Add your phone number when you are at the step of Identity verification and click “Call Me Now” to get a call from Amazon. You will have to insert the four-digit code in the box. Your account is then approved.

8.      Choose the payment method you prefer

Choose if you want to give your credit card information or tax ID now or add it later. Then proceed towards the last step.

When you are done creating your account, Amazon will direct you to your personal homepage as an Amazon Affiliate. You can see your performance dashboards where the page will display all the relevant data regarding your account. That includes how much you have earned, monthly performance reviews, and the number of clicks. Start searching for all the products and start linking!

Amazon Affiliate marketing is the easiest and the most convenient way to earn money for all. If you are an Amazon Affiliate and want to work with us, contact us or visit our website for more information!

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