When we talk about outsourcing Amazon tasks or projects, it is necessary to develop effective and suitable strategies based on your research. There are no predefined sets of methods and rules on Amazon.

so the initial question that arises in mind related to Outsourcing on Amazon is “which task should I outsource”?

However, the outsourcing of products depends on the quantity and number of your long and short-term goals, personal interests, weaknesses, and a good amount of money to outsource these tasks.

Have a look at some of the important tasks you could outsource on Amazon;

1.    PPC Management

It is one of the most necessary tasks to outsource your products on Amazon. It is a task specially reserved for the Amazon expert Employee, someone who knows how to optimize and create campaigns to make sure that the specific campaign is doing well.

Running Amazon PPC or AMS advertising campaigns can consume a lot of your time. If you are struggling with your advertising in the competitive Amazon marketplace, you could find a PPC expert freelancer to help you get ahead.

Bear in mind that whoever you hire would need to have access to your Seller Central Account to perform all the tasks.


  • Make sure to hire someone who is an expert at PPC because this is very important, and if you failed to do it properly, it can end being very costly.
  • You must maintain your campaign on a daily basis.
  • keep your campaign within your budget.

2.    Inventory Management

Inventory management is basically a balancing act for the sellers of Amazon. If you have a little inventory, then you may end up running out of your stock, and it can damage your rank on Amazon, if you have too much inventory and are using FBA, it can result in Amazon storage fees

outsourcing inventory management to someone with a good eye for balancing supply and demand can improve your business cost and rank on Amazon.

If it is difficult for you to maintain inventory levels at an optimum level, it is good to hire a virtual assistant to track your inventory.


  • Research and set goals for business to help you keep track of your inventory levels.
  • Look out for an expert assistant, especially one schooled in the e-commerce industry and who knows about inventory maintenance.

3.    Product Sourcing

This task requires hiring someone with an eye for quality products that are relevant to you business and cater to your customer needs. It can take a lot of time to find products, contact suppliers, reach your customers buying habits, and determine how to meet customer demands among other product sourcing tasks.

Some of the sellers choose to do their own Product and market research before trusting any other individual. But some of the expert freelancers out there can help you get the right product at the right price.


  • Hire a person who is an expert at product sourcing and supplier relationships.
  • You must stay in touch with suppliers and keep yourself involved in all this sourcing process to ensure you are getting the right products for your business.
  • If the sourcing agent belongs to the suppliers country, make sure that the supplier understands the English language well because it will help him know the actual agreements and terms used.

4.    Copy-writing

Most sellers do not like Amazon copy-writing because it needs a lot of research, keywords and requires a lot of time.

You must be while writing the description of your products or crafting the title because it improves your Amazon SEO and ranking of your keywords.

However, while selling in various marketplaces, you have to outsource listing copy to professional translators in multiple languages.


  • Look out for an expert and experienced translator; they will search for top Amazon keywords and try their best to put those keywords on different areas of the product listing.
  • You must find the native language speaker for each language in which the listing copy must be translated.

5.    Product Photography

This is outsourced by many Sellers. It is easy for sellers to do a professional photography of their products.

your listings will be more visually appealing if you hire a professional photographer to produce better images of your products.


  • If you think you are good at photography, then do it yourself! It will save you time and money.
  • Try to cover each angle of your product to give customers a better idea of what your products look like.

6.    Customer Support

It’s necessary to be available for your customers, through both the good and the bad. This will leave a positive impact on your customers, increasing the likelihood of getting good reviews.

Outsourcing customer service will give you the manpower to resolve issues and answer questions that your customers may have. With enough help to you will be able to maintain customer satisfaction and received positive reviews.

With the right virtual assistant you can outsource customer service at an affordable price.


  • Hire people who can maintain good and strong communication with their customers.
  • You can also conduct surveys to know about the issues of your customers. This will help you to resolve their problems efficiently!

7.    Amazon Setup

Setting up your Amazon seller Central Dashboard can be confusing and take a lot of time, Sellers can fail to manage their Seller Central Account if the don’t understand how it works.

An experienced freelancer who knows their way around the many features of an Amazon seller account can vastly improve your seller experience.


  • Never entirely rely on another individual to manage and set up your account. Keep a weekly check of your Amazon Seller Central Account.

8.    FBA Management

FBA or Amazon’s fulfillment center allows FBA sellers can send their products to Amazon fulfillment centers. Once a customer makes a purchase from you, Amazon ships your products to your customers.

Once you have sent your inventory to an Amazon fulfillment center, everything in the selling process is taken care of for you by Amazon


  • If you want to manage order-related numbers, sign up for Amazon FBA as it will help you to make your shipment easy and simplified.
  • Instead of getting involved in these time-consuming processes, you can invest your time in high-level tasks that will bring higher profits.

9.    Graphic Designing

You will need a graphic designer for the Outsourcing and listing of your products. Because high-quality of images are used for PPC campaigns, websites, landing pages, and it is also important to use good images for your social media.

Hiring a graphic designer is very important, and it can be one of the most affordable methods to outsource your products.


  • Hire a graphic designer who is an expert at making good designs, and images.
  • Use high and professional quality images to make your website effective.

10. Bookkeeping

Given the specialized nature of bookkeeping, it is much more effective to hire a Professional to do this task for you.

Many sellers need expert assistance to keep their expenses and finances in order

Bookkeeping is affordable, so it is good to hire a freelancer to perform your accounting tasks at a lower price.


  • Hiring a freelancer would save your time!
  • keep a check of your Accounting book on weekly basis.


Outsourcing helps you keep a balance of your work and life by delegating time consuming, specialized tasks to freelance professionals who are already experts in those areas.

This saves you the time and effort that would go into learning all of the skills that go into running a business and give you more time to focus on your product and customers.

Hopefully, this article has shown you the way to manage your business with the use of freelances and virtual assistants. You can read more articles on Alpha Repricer blogs!

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