Amazon is one of the most profitable and highly advanced online market places available. Amazon offers the opportunity for sellers to sell on Amazon and reach a broad and diverse audience. There are millions of products available on Amazon every day for their customers.  From tech gadgets, books, to personal care items, customers are confident that Amazon is the market they need.

Sometimes it becomes difficult for sellers to sell their products since there is so much competition as a seller; one should know which Amazon items lead to profitable sales.

Types Of Items To Sell On Amazon

A lot of research should go into product sourcing before you decide which items to sell profitably. We have found these nine types of items that can bring a higher return on investment. Before you invest though, make sure you are eligible to sell these items. You can easily check eligibility by either going to Seller Central and typing in the ASIN in Add product or by using the Amazon Seller App while shopping for your items. If you are not eligible, you can Request Approval. If you get approved, you are off to make some good money!

1. Regional grocery items

Different cities have different grocery store chains. And each store carries unique brands and specialty items. Just because someone has shifted from Vermont to Texas doesn’t mean they don’t miss their favorite brand of snacks. This means they are ready to pay the extra money to Amazon.

Be careful to check for expiration dates, if you are buying something on sale. Also, keep in mind the shipping requirements. For example, if an item is in a glass jar, you need to add extra cushioning as cost.

2. Off-season candy

A lot of people love to shop after the holidays for seasonal items. The same goes for seasonal candies. Buyers are thrilled to find popular items that seem to disappear for the rest of the year. Brick and mortar stores like Walgreens and CVS clear out the seasonal candies overnight. Its like one day you could get chocolate-covered hearts or bunnies and the next day they are all gone.

Terry’s Milk Chocolate Orange Balls are seen in stores for only the Chrismas season

Again if you are buying up candy to sell after the season, keep the expiration dates in mind. Additionally, if you are buying up chocolates, be sure to store them in a cool place.

3. International grocery

If you are selling globally, you can really make money by selling your local groceries across the border. With so much migration going on, you are sure to find buyers shopping for groceries that they found ‘back home’. Since you are buying locally (and if you can buy wholesale, even better), the cost will be nominal. If you are selling in US from outside US then you may have the advantage of the currency difference as well.

4. Discontinued household items to sell on Amazon

This category might seem unattractive to many of the sellers. And you would have to have the knowledge of what was popular ten years ago, for example. But it is one of the reasons why other sellers may walk right on past the discontinued models. This is where you can cash in on buyers’ loyalty to brands.

5. Kids bedding

Some parents want to spend a considerable amount of money on decorating their kid’s bedrooms. Because they want it to look perfect for their little kid And they won’t hesitate to pay for it. As long as you make sure it is of good quality it does not even have to be a known brand. The cuteness of the prints goes a long way.

Kids bedding can be a lucrative product idea.
Kids bedding can be a productive lucrative idea

This is a hot market for sellers to sell on Amazon. If you are a seller on Amazon, then you must add these products to your list.

6. Used books to sell on Amazon

College books are expensive to purchase, and everyone cannot afford them. Like some new books cost more than $400 at stores! Used books are popular because they have the same text for a fraction of the price.

There are plenty of students who prefer to shop for books from Amazon instead of getting them at any local store.

Students save hundreds compared to purchasing new books, and here is a good chance for sellers to still pocket plenty of profit.

7. Old board games

There are plenty of games that people don’t even bother to play, and those games are sitting in their game closets for years before they decide to donate them!

Old board games can be an excellent product to sell on Amazon
Old board games can be very lucrative on Amazon

Selling board games on Amazon is a fantastic way to build your inventory on budget and when you have just started with Amazon FBA. It can help you to get your huge profits online. Before you purchase the games make sure the boxes are in good condition and all the pieces are there, including the instructions.

8. Hard To Find Toys

Sellers can earn a good profit by selling the hottest new toys on Amazon, which are hard to find in any store. You can find it in Walmart and other stores, and then it will be easy for you to sell at a high price on Amazon. Often you can make more profit if you sell across the border.

9. Out-dated electronics to sell on Amazon

Electronics is one of the fastest evolving industry. They get out-dated over night. Just think how quickly we have gone from 8-track to digital music. And in the last ten years the advances have been dramatic. But there are people who still have the old version of media perhaps. Here again, a seller can make money on buyers’ brand loyalty.

There is a massive demand of these products on Amazon, which helps sellers make a good profit!


These products exemplify the three things that lead a buyer to make a purchase; needs, dreams, and nostalgia. Besides that, the best profitable items to sell on Amazon are the ones that have an excellent Rank. The better the rank the more chances that it will make money. When buying used items to sell, make sure they are in good condition, functional and complete. Above all, describe them well, noting down the details (especially for used books).

So keep an eye on these nine types of items. Get started today by visiting your nearby stores and estate sales. And start scanning!

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