Facebook ad campaigns serve as a very effective tool for Amazon sellers. They can help you grow your business and boost sales on Amazon. You can increase your seller ranking on Amazon and build a strong, long-term connection with your audience.

It is the most powerful and pocket-friendly way of bringing traffic to your brand on Amazon. Facebook ads with an effective Amazon strategy are a solid combo unless you fail to set up your ad accurately.

Alpha Repricer- the best Amazon repricing tool is here to help you learn how to run a successful Facebook ad to promote your products on Amazon.

Let’s have a look!

Why should you use Facebook ads for advertising your Amazon products?

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Facebook is the largest social network site that provides a massive opportunity for sellers to share and promote their products worldwide. It has one of the most active users compared to any other social networking platform. You can showcase your products on the platform, reaching those who can most likely convert to customers. You can also reach out to the audience that once shopped from you.

How to Prepare your Amazon products to run a Facebook ads campaign?

1.      Optimize and enhance your product listings

If you are not impressed with your Amazon listing, then work on its optimization before creating a Facebook ad. You will be wasting your money otherwise.

First, make sure you have uploaded high-quality images of your product. Moreover, the description, features, and other content have to be catchy. You must improve the copy of your listing for Amazon SEO and all conversions. Plus, you must be using the feature of Sponsored Product ads on Amazon.

As a seller, your main motive should be for the Facebook ad to work well and get maximum traffic. To make it happen, your Amazon listing should be attractive enough.

2.      Create a landing page for the incoming audience!

Most sellers make a mistake by driving their traffic to Amazon instead of a landing page. It is a problem since the audience on Facebook is typically less likely to convert into buyers. You can miss out on the conversion rates if you divert the traffic to an irrelevant page.

Set up a landing page to:

  1. Send emails in the future for promotion or reviews.
  2. Track audience and conversion rate.
  3. Inform customers regarding sales or coupon codes.
  4. Filter the incoming traffic so that the audience coming to your page will most likely buy your products and boost sales.

Landing pages are necessary to track the audience, get their contact info and stay connected with them. However, you can also use Facebook Messenger to stay in touch with the audience if you don’t want to set a landing page just yet. You can share your coupon or any other info by Messenger app when a customer clicks on your Facebook ad. Messenger serves as a direct source to ask buyers for reviews if they have shopped from you.

3.      Compare different versions of the Facebook ad before running the ad!

You can always go for different versions of your same ad to the target audience. Most sellers make the mistake of creating a single ad with the same image and headline. Even when you think you know your audience and target market, you should always split test.

Take full advantage of the options Facebook provides you and make creative, different versions of your same ad to target different sets of audiences.

However, make sure you don’t overdo it! You can test different versions according to your budget, but as soon as you find out which one works best, make sure you work with it to reduce the additional cost. The winning Facebook ad will then get more likes and comments and will have a higher reach.

4.      Create an attractive offer for your Facebook Ad to stand out!

Set a proper goal for your campaign, target audience, and marketing strategy before you decide to run Facebook ads. The copy of your ad, creative and duration of your ad completely depends on the aim of your business.

If you are running a Facebook ad to promote your discount offer, the campaign should not be more than ten days. As an Amazon seller, you would want to come off as a brand offering a good discount and are not too desperate for sales to keep offering it for the long term.

Ensure your ads have an attractive image set, with short yet catchy headlines for people to click on the ad. Buyers should know that you are offering value without mentioning the product’s entire description or complete features.

5.      Check your lookalike audience and target accordingly.

A lookalike audience means customers or potential leads you want to collect and ask Facebook to display your ads to a similar set of traffic.

A layered lookalike audience is when you filter out the lookalike audience by looking at other interest-based factors of the customers and behavioral or demographic changes according to the product.

You have to choose if you want to narrow down your audience or work with broader traffic. That’s why we suggest you test your ads on different versions of the audience before you run them successfully.

Tip: According to us, the lookalike target audience works the best instead of narrowing it down and making the list smaller. You can always research your audience and their customer data on Amazon and then choose your target market.

In conclusion,

Facebook ads are the best source for your online business to grow on Amazon. It allows you to reach out to billions of users and boost sales. However, Amazon sellers usually make mistakes that make them lose money, and their efforts go in vain. By following the steps above, you can run your Facebook ads successfully and build your brand on Amazon!

Alpha Repricer has always been here to help sellers. Our tool is the best Amazon repricing tool in the market, offering an array of features at affordable prices. Sign up for our 14-day free trial now to know more, or contact us. Happy selling!


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