Amazon sellers are usually skeptical while choosing an Amazon Repricer for their businesses. Many sellers think signing up with an Amazon repricing tool is a race to the bottom but this is not the case. A smart repricer like Alpha Repricer knows when to drop products’ prices to a seller’s chosen min limit and when to increase prices based on the market. Alpha Repricer is made for sellers by sellers.

For sellers, competitive pricing is crucial, and our Amazon repricing tool offers just that! Let’s see how Alpha Repricer, as the fastest Amazon repricer, solves all pricing problems for Amazon sellers!

1.      We price up as well!

The number one pricing problem sellers face when using an Amazon repricing tool is that their product prices go too low to make a profit. However, with Alpha Repricer, it does not happen! You can easily set your min/max prices according to your profit margin, and we remain within the limits mentioned. When your competition is high, it is never the right time to increase your product prices. However, our Amazon repricing software evaluates multiple factors and our algorithm prices up when sales are slow, your competitor runs out of stock, or you are on the lead. We also keep the product prices high to attain the Buy Box, thus increasing your sales and profits!

2.      Winning the Buy Box

The Amazon Buy Box helps you get more sales on Amazon and increase profits. It is of great importance for each Amazon seller out there, and every seller makes sure to compete for it if they are eligible. However, winning the Buy Box is not accessible until you have an Amazon repricing tool constantly working for you! Alpha Repricer’s Buy Box hunter helps you win the Buy Box as soon as you sign up for it. We keep your prices competitive to help you win the Buy Box, and once you do, we attain it at the highest price possible so that your competitors can’t win it back.

Want to know more? Please read our blog on winning the Buy Box with Alpha Repricer!

3.      Filter out your competitors

Pricing problems may increase when you decide on competing with every similar seller on the platform and do not define your competition more specifically. If you start competing with every seller, you won’t have the chance to increase your price or earn a profit. Alpha Repricer makes it possible for you to filter out competitors to focus on the important ones. You can filter out the competitors based on their prices, condition of the products, or where they ship from. You also have the option to find and filter out new sellers that are bringing their prices down. 

4.      Smart Repricing

You shouldn’t keep repricing when you don’t have to. Our Amazon repricing software makes sure to reprice smartly. Our Amazon repricing software allows you to schedule repricing. The reason is mainly to work according to you and avoid repricing when there is no need. If you keep on repricing your products and bring them down, you won’t earn enough profit. We make sure that does not happen! Schedule so that your prices stay up and competitive enough for you to maintain your position and get sales.

5.      Quick adjustments to min/max prices

You can easily adjust your min/max prices if you want to meet demand or increase your sales. Our Amazon repricing tool allows quick adjustments to the price ranges you defined earlier for you to make better decisions.

6.      Multiple profile accounts

Alpha Repricer allows you to have multiple profiles if you are selling different items with additional value and demand. That makes it easier for you to upload your items and set price ranges accordingly. You can easily manage all your items by having multiple profiles.

Our repricing formulas save you time to calculate all the min/max for ROI and profit margin. You can use our formulas to reprice the smart way!

7.      Fast repricing

Alpha Repricer is the fastest Amazon repricer for a reason! Our Amazon Repricing software reprices your products instantly and continuously to help you stay competitive 24/7. We make sure your product prices are competitive enough to get you maximum sales and increase your profits.

Please read our blog on us being the fastest Amazon repricer to know more!

8.      Analytics

You get regular analytics and reports to see where your products stand and how often repricing is done. You can also check the sales you are getting to make decisions accordingly and change your pricing rules if needed.

Alpha Repricer is all about solving the pricing problems of their customers. We make sure our customers are satisfied with the performance of our Amazon repricing tool. Plus, our Amazon repricing tool keeps getting better! We never miss a chance to improve our tool and make it according to our customers’ needs.

Make sure you sign up for our free 14- day trial to experience all of our features and see how much your business needs us! Contact us now for more information.


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