Amazon Netherlands now repriced by Alpha Repricer

Alpha Repricer is excited to announce our expansion to include repricing for Amazon Netherlands. Our customers in Europe have already been repricing seamlessly across their multiple European Amazon marketplaces. Now with the opening of Amazon Netherlands, we are helping you automate the repricing on as well. We now offer repricing on more than ten Amazon marketplace with more on the way.

Expanding Alpha Repricer into the Netherlands

Alpha Repricer now offers repricing in Netherlands

Existing Alpha Repricer customers can easily add the marketplace to their Alpha Repricer account. If you are already signed up to sell on, simply add the channel account and download your inventory. Otherwise, first, sign up for and then add it to your Alpha Repricer account. Alpha Repricer is thrilled that our users will be the first to use repricing in the Netherlands.

Sellers on can now use competitively priced, Alpha Repricer to continuously monitor competitor prices. Our intelligent algorithm wins more Buy Boxes at better prices. Increase your sales with a better profit margin with a repricing tool. Alpha Repricer, the best Amazon repricer, keeps your prices competitive across the border. You can price each marketplace differently and compete in local currency.

Don’t have an Alpha Repricer account? No worries, new users can register for a 14-day free trial to automate their repricing. We offer free onboarding to all our customers.

Alpha Repricer Features

  • Fastest repricing – we reprice within 2 minutes
  • Continuous repricing – our repricing engine monitors prices continuously
  • Buy Box focus – our innovative Buy Box Hunter aggressively competes for the Buy Box
  • Focused repricing – exclude or include competition depending on different criteria
  • Scheduled repricing – schedule when you and how you want to reprice
  • Item analytics – get a detailed reading of how your prices compare with others plus a lot more
  • Full support – customer support through phone, email or Zoom
  • Multiple marketplaces – seamlessly reprice in over 10 Amazon marketplaces with more on the way. Set your prices differently in each marketplace, in local currency.
Amazon marketplaces supported by Alpha Repricer.,,,,,,,,,,
Amazon marketplaces supported by Alpha Repricer

Amazon in the Netherlands

As of March 10, 2020, Amazon has launched a full consumer platform in the Netherlands. For now, Amazon is not offering all EANs through but plans to considerably grow the number of available products in the future. NRC Handelsblad reported that according to Amazon, more than 100 million products are now available on Products are available in categories like consumer electronics, toys, fashion, DIY, and food. According to Amazon “several thousand” of Dutch entrepreneurs have already signed up to sell their products through Amazon. If you are already selling in Europe through Amazon, it will be simple for you to add as a marketplace. If you are in Netherlands, Amazon is all set to take you on board as a third party seller.

 “We are really excited to be launching a more comprehensive shopping experience on We are pleased to bring the opportunity for Dutch businesses, small and large, to sign up to sell on and reach a bigger audience, both at home and abroad, increasing the selection available for our Dutch customers.”
– Alex Ootes, Vice President EU Expansion, Amazon


Amazon has been serving the Dutch customers since 2014 but offered only ebooks. Since 2016, has provided Dutch language support to the consumers in the Netherlands. Following that, in 2017, Amazon introduced Prime membership. With the Prime membership came the perks of fast and free shipping, video streaming, games, loot with Twitch Prime, and unlimited storage with Amazon Photos.  All this at a monthly fee of €2.99 is sure to attract a lot of consumers. Dutch consumers have been primed to shop online. They have already been avid shoppers.

It becomes challenging to catch the eye of the buyer when market is flooded with sellers
It becomes challenging to catch the eye of the buyer when the market is flooded with sellers.

Helping Dutch sellers automate repricing

Dutch consumers are already familiar with the Amazon shopping experience. Therefore, it is an attractive option for Dutch and other European online retailers to sign up with With thousands of sellers vying for the Dutch consumer pool, comes competition. It presents a challenge to keep your prices competitive to attract your buyers. This is where Alpha Repricer plays a key role for the Amazon sellers. Register with Alpha Repricer to automate your repricing.

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