Alpha Repricer proudly announces its expansion to Amazon Singapore. However, Alpha Repricer has been expanding its services since it was launched. Recently, Alpha Repricer has opened its services to another large marketplace which is Singapore. Amazon Singapore is different and unique from Amazon prime Singapore because it lists products from overseas.

Alpha Repricer has already been repricing in Europe and many other marketplaces. With the opening of Amazon Singapore, Alpha Repricer is expanding its services to automate repricing on as well. Moreover, we offer repricing on more than 16 marketplaces, with more on the way.

However, Alpha Repricer has opened gates for sellers in Singapore to reprice their products smartly without having to worry about the fluctuation in prices and other competitors in the market!

Amazon Singapore

Amazon Singapore was launched on 8 October 2019. According to the report, Amazon Singapore was considered as the 8th largest online market and has provided plenty of opportunities to new sellers to maximize their sales and profit.

Selling on Amazon Singapore offers early advantages to its sellers. It is a small country, but the online shopping marketplace is high, almost 70%, and has hit a revenue of US $100 billion (Source: A high growth is expected on Amazon Singapore in the upcoming years.

Moreover, selling on Amazon Singapore can open ways for you to sell in other well-developed Southeast Asian markets!

Product categories on Amazon Singapore

Before expanding your business into another country, it is important to know about your customers, what they want and how they want their products to be. Start selling such products that are in high demand and people love buying those products!

The top product categories on Amazon Singapore includes;

·         Electronics and media

On Amazon Singapore, electronic products come on the top ranking. It is the fastest-growing product category that provides plenty of opportunities for sellers to increase their sales and profit margin!

·         Fashion and beauty

It is one of the most popular categories on Amazon Singapore. According to the report, this product category has taken the overall sales to 0.999 billion dollars (Source:

·         Travel and accommodation

This product category has taken the Amazon Singapore sales to 3.641 billion USD (Source: and positioned itself at the top. Moreover, it plays a vital role in maximizing the profit margin of sellers.

Choose a highly profitable product category for yourself and then start selling your products. Make sure to sell quality-based products on your site, which will ultimately maximize your sales and profit on market.

Why should you choose Alpha Repricer?

Alpha Repricer offers plenty of benefits at a range of affordable prices. It is the fastest, instant, and continuous repricing tool that keeps you stay ahead of your competitors in the market. We work according to the goals and price range you set to increase your profit and help you get the Buy Box.

With the expansion of Alpha Repricer in Singapore, it has created unlimited opportunities for sellers to reprice their products and stay competitive in the market. This excellent repricing tool has received tremendous feedback in many other marketplaces and has built sellers’ trust.

Moreover, we make sure to free you from all the hassle of repricing and complex software systems and make repricing easier for you. Plus, we do not have any hidden or extra charges. You get everything that you pay for.

Alpha Repricer helps you get the Buy Box!

An Amazon repricing tool is the most important software to invest in if you want to win the Buy Box without getting into much trouble. An Amazon repricer helps you keep your prices competitive because you will not be able to get the Buy Box if you fail to do so. To get maximum sales on Amazon and get the Buy Box, using an Amazon repricing tool like Alpha Repricer is necessary.

Our Buy Box hunter allows you to get Buy Box eligible on Amazon and eventually wins it for you! Once you get the Buy Box, our repricing tool keeps it at the highest price possible and maintains your position so that your competitors don’t take this opportunity from you.

We are available for you 24/7!

Expanding business into another country can be a challenging task for sellers. But don’t worry! Our customer team support is available for your queries 24/7. You can ask any questions related to your repricing. We make sure to resolve your repricing-related issues within 24 hours and allow you to make your repricing easy.

SIGNUP or contact us now for our free 14-day trial and decide yourself whether we are worth the hype or not!


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