In the world of the internet, it has become necessary for Amazon sellers to know about social groups, forums, and communities to grow their business. The Amazon seller forums play a vital role in the success and growth of businesses in the e-commerce marketplace. This is because it focuses on the requirements of online sellers, making it the ideal place for them to connect and communicate. However, these forums are valuable for sharing experiences, asking for support, discussing common difficulties impacting sellers, receiving aid, and making business relationships.

As industry experts, we are here to help you learn more about Amazon seller forums to expand your business and build networks with other sellers.

Table of contents:

  1. What are Amazon seller forums?
  2. Amazon Seller Central
  3. Web retailer
  4. Warrior forum
  5. Quora
  6. Reddit
  7. Conclusion

What are Amazon Seller Forums?

Amazon seller forums are web portals designed exclusively for the Amazon seller community. They provide a forum for the sellers to interact and debate topics that affect them daily. Sellers also learn about Amazon services, numerous selling techniques, and how to deal with selling difficulties through them.

Moreover, they serve as platforms for sellers to share their selling experiences and stay updated on Amazon announcements. These forums are invaluable, particularly for new online sellers seeking to maximize profits but unsure of the optimization process. However, adherence to posting standards is paramount on these platforms; failure to comply may lead to account termination or banning.

According to us, here are a few of the best Amazon seller forums:

·         Amazon Seller Central

If you ask us, the best online forum that you can go to is Amazon Seller Central. It is a conversation forum for Amazon sellers and Amazon services. The forum contains posts about new Amazon sellers, selling inquiries, FBA questions, and Amazon payments. It also includes links to FAQs and frequently discussed subjects to assist Amazon seller community members find information fast. However, this forum is best for beginning Amazon sellers.

(Source: Amazon)

·         Web retailer

Andy Geldman developed Web retailer, an instructional website. The forum covers concerns impacting sellers and the newest selling trends, tools, and effective selling methods. However, when you join, you will begin getting weekly emails covering e-commerce news, debates, reviews, and software. It also includes interviews with top Amazon sellers.

However, you are not required to register yourself before getting involved here, but users must sign up to access the web retailer forum.

(Source: Webretailer)

·         Warrior forum

Warrior Forum is a great source of new information for Amazon sellers. This forum is mainly catered to digital marketing. This site also posts informative blogs regularly in order to keep the Amazon sellers up to date with the current market information and new selling techniques.

However, the downside is that it’s not the best place if you are looking for information unrelated to marketing.

(Source: Warrior Forum)

·         Quora

Quora is the #1 website where users are allowed to ask and answer questions. It may take some searching before you locate a topic of interest to you, but many replies to most queries make an effort worthwhile. Thus, users may search by subject or date, and they can set up alerts to be notified anytime a new response is submitted to a certain query. A convenient button at the top of the page allows you to post questions fast and simply.

“According to the 2018 report, Quora has 300 million monthly users.”


(Source: Quora)

·         Reddit

Reddit is an online community that helps Amazon sellers to share their experiences and interact with each other. This is an open platform that allows anyone to view public discussion topics: signing up or logging in is required to post a comment or read any seller’s comment. Moreover, this amazing forum doesn’t have any strict policies or rules. That’s why it is one of the most convenient platforms for Amazon sellers to share their opinions or seek advice from other sellers.

(Source: Reditt)

Now that we have talked about various Amazon seller forums, we’d suggest you to check out our blog on connecting Amazon via Shopify to see if that’s going to be of any help with your business.


Forums are a great way to communicate with each other and share your opinions. It’s a two-way street, so it’s necessary to pay it forward by providing support to other sellers when they need it. However, some groups are free to join, while others charge a small fee.

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