Since the establishment of Amazon, it has launched plenty of services for its sellers and buyers, including Amazon FBA, Amazon Prime services, Amazon FBA Small and Light and many more. It has launched Fulfillment by Amazon to make the shipping process more efficient. Amazon FBA is the best solution offered to Amazon sellers. Moreover, it handles all the tasks such as packaging and shipment of products to its customers.

Mastering Amazon’s FBA Small and Light program is essential for small businesses. With reduced fees and faster shipping for lightweight products, sellers gain a competitive edge. Our expert guide provides concise insights to help businesses leverage this program effectively.

Table of contents:

  1. What is Amazon FBA Small and Light
  2. Advantages of Amazon FBA Small and Light
    1. Reduced Fulfillment Fees
    2. Provides Free Shipment to Prime Members
    3. It Helps You Focus on Your Business
    4. Expands Customer Base
    5. Opportunity to Sell Across Various Marketplaces
  3. FBA Small and Light Fees
  4. Is FBA Small and Light Worth it?

What is Amazon FBA Small and Light?

As a seasoned professional, we can tell that this program was launched in 2015 by Amazon for sellers whose items are smaller and cheaper. It works the same as the Amazon FBA program, but it has low fulfillment costs and is only designed for small and lightweight products.

It is necessary to meet the complete requirements to be eligible for the Amazon FBA Small and Light program, such as

  • The dimensions of your products must be 18 x 14 x 8 inches or less.
  • The volume should be between 10 to 12 oz.
  • Products have to be new.
  • Prices of your products must be $7 or less.
  • Above all, it is necessary to select those items that are not restricted by Amazon.
  • Products must have the Amazon barcodes on them.

Advantages of using Amazon FBA Small and Light

Amazon FBA Small and Light

Here are the benefits of using Amazon FBA Small and Light for the sellers.

·         Reduced Fulfillment fees for sellers

This is the most significant advantage of using Amazon FBA Small and Light. It doesn’t charge a high fee for the shipment of products similar to Amazon FBA. Reduced fulfillment fees help the sellers to grow their business and get more sales in the market. Moreover, reduced fulfillment fees provide opportunities for new sellers to start their business and improve their profit margins besides satisfying the customers.

·         Provides free shipment to its Prime members

FBA Small and Light offers free delivery to Amazon Prime members within 3 to 5 business days, while non-Prime members receive complimentary shipping with delivery typically occurring within 6 to 8 business days. This service expands the customer reach for Amazon sellers, contributing to increased profitability.

·         It helps you focus on your business!

People trust Amazon FBA programs due to the quality of services they offer to customers. FBA Small and Light manages all the processes related to the packaging and shipment of your small and lightweight products. This assurance of quality and timely delivery through Amazon put your customers at ease.

·         It expands your customer base

When you deliver free shipment to non-Prime members, you make your items visible to a wider customer base. This ultimately helps your business grow and get more sales!

With the increase in competition, Amazon FBA Small and Light helps in building the name of your brand and improves your presence on Amazon. This way, you stay ahead in the sea of other competitors.

·         You get the opportunity to sell your products on various marketplaces!

By using FBA small and light, you get the opportunity to sell your products internationally. Moreover, by selling internationally, you get a chance to increase your customers by creating the image of your products. According to us, this will eventually help you to increase your sales and profit.

FBA Small and Light fees

The lower fees are attractive to sellers and encourages them to use FBA Small and Light. The fees depend on the quantity, weight and volume of your products.

Amazon FBA Small and Light

For example, in the small standard category, items that are 6 oz or less each have a $2.16 fulfillment fee. If you think FBA Small and Light will be good for your business, you can find their pricing chart on Amazon Seller Central.

Is FBA Small and Light worth it?

With the correct research and planning FBA Small and Light is worth the investment. It provides ample resources for those sellers who cannot use regular Amazon FBA. due to high fee charges. The program is available in several countries including the US, Germany, and Japan.

Amazon FBA Small and Light

This program makes your products more visible to a wider customer base. And with the cut in fees, you can beat the competition and stay ahead.

Now that you know the way FBA small and light works, check out our blog on various Amazon seller forums to get the help you need for Amazon!


Amazon FBA Small and Light is a highly advantageous program tailored for sellers of compact and lightweight items. This initiative serves as a pivotal tool for expanding businesses and elevating profitability. With its reduced fulfillment costs, it not only saves resources but also propels your enterprise toward sustainable success

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