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May, 17 2021

Proven Ways to Get Ahead of the Competition on Amazon.

Amazon competiton

Amazon is the most developed e-Commerce platform across the world. There is massive competition in this marketplace. With the increase in competition, it has become challenging for sellers to grow and earn a good substantial profit. Plenty of Amazon sellers have failed to reach their desired goals due to the tough competition.

 It is highly important for sellers to analyze their competitors’ techniques and strategies to stay one step ahead. In-depth competitor analysis is the most effective and successful way to grow and get success. However, if you failed to keep track of your competitors in the market, you’ll eventually lose the game!

Ways to stay ahead of your competitors!

Factors that help you beat the competition on Amazon!

Here are the essential factors that can help you beat your competitors and stay ahead in the Amazon marketplace.

·         Keep your keyword game strong!

Strong keywords can help you maintain your position in the Amazon marketplace. To stay ahead, use high-quality keywords that must contain one or two words. Your keywords differentiate your products from other competitors in the market and help you get on top.

Relevant and heavy keywords can increase your SEO rankings and can help you stay ahead of your competitors. The more relevant and valuable a keyword is, the more it will bring traffic to your website. Furthermore, place your keywords accurately to help you maintain your position in the buyers’ search results.

·         Be active on social media

One of the most essential elements is analyzing the strategies of your competitors on social media platforms. You must know the techniques your competitors are using to gain followers and how they encourage followers to buy their products as well as the engagement their posts get.

best Amazon repricer
Social media plays a vital role in expanding your business in various marketplaces!

Social media platforms allow sellers to interact with multiple consumers and expand their business in different marketplaces. To differentiate your brand, it is necessary to launch unique products in the market. You can use infographics, attractive images and relatable posts to generate engagement on your social media platforms.

“According to 73% of marketers, social media has helped them to grow their business.”


Furthermore, create compelling and valuable content for your social platforms because it has the power to persuade your buyers and convince them to purchase your products.

·         A better pricing strategy can help you gain more customers!

Nothing spooks consumers more than the continuous fluctuation in prices. The prices of your products highly impact the buying decision of consumers in the Amazon marketplace. However, it is impossible to win the game if you are unaware of your competitors’ pricing strategies and methods.

You must set product according to the market prices in order to stay ahead of the competition and engage customers on Amazon. Your pricing strategy must be practical and straightforward. To stay ahead of your competitors, use an automated repricing tool to maximize your sales and profit. Try Alpha Repricer. It is the best Amazon repricer that sets the prices of your products in less than 2 minutes and helps you stay competitive and get more sales!

best Amazon repricer
Review by one of our clients!

·         Positive Reviews can skyrocket your sales

Two reasons compel people to leave reviews on your page, either they love your product or are disappointed. Positive reviews help you improve your rankings on Amazon and differentiate your products from other competitors in the Amazon marketplace.

“According to a statistic, 89% of buyers read product reviews, before making any purchase.”


Good reviews help new customers to know more about the standard and quality of your products. Moreover, you can also run different promotional campaigns to get positive reviews on your page because the more positive reviews your brand gets, the more likely it will help you rank on the top.

If you get any negative reviews, try to resolve your customer issues immediately. Then you can ask them to remove negative reviews from your page. Being able to work issues out with customers will create a positive image in their minds.

·         Promotion and branding can help you lead

A good branding and promotion strategy grabs buyers’ attention and helps you stand out among your competition. Make sure to keep your product title short as it helps people know what your product is all about. Furthermore, use high-quality images for your product line to boost your sales and profit in the Amazon marketplace.

Promotion and branding can help you increase your sales.

To grab your buyer’s attention, promote your brand on different social media platforms because it will be accessible for customers to reach you. Moreover, offer discounts or promos on your products, or indirectly promote your listings by sharing informative articles, videos, or images.

“89% of consumers stay loyal to the brand that shares their values.”



Beating your competitors isn’t as easy as it seems. It takes effort and hard work to gain more sales and profit. Healthy competition provides you an opportunity to grow and always pushes you to do better on Amazon. However, it’s essential to keep an eye on your competitors in order to grow and perform better.

When you prefer manual repricing, you provide benefits to your competitors to gain profit. So without wasting your precious time, use an Amazon repricing tool to stay competitive. Choose Alpha Repricer. It provides real-time repricing in less than 2 minutes. It is the continuous and fastest Amazon repricing tool that helps you stay competitive 24/7 and win the Buy Box.

Fastest Amazon repricing tool
Alpha Repricer is the best Amazon repricing software!

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