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April, 28 2021

Top Six Ways to Promote Your Listings on Amazon

top six ways to promote your listings on Amazon

Amazon has been adding international marketplaces ever since it launched in 1994.  It is undoubtedly the number one eCommerce platform for both buyers and sellers. Amazon India was launched in June 2013. Hundreds of new sellers sign up with Amazon to start selling their products locally and internationally.

“As for Indian Amazon sellers, the number of vendors signing up to sell on Amazon has increased by a whopping 250%, since last year, with each day bringing in at least 90,000 new products.”

Amazon has also opened a store in the US for customers and allowed Indian sellers to sell local products to their foreign customers with the help of the FBA international shipping program.

Why is it important for sellers to make their Amazon listings visible?

To be profitable on Amazon, you have to stand out from the crowd. There are approximately 2 million sellers currently selling on Amazon. If we talk about Amazon India, according to the SMB Impact Report 2020, 150,000 new sellers joined Amazon India in 2020, with now over 110,000 sellers only from Delhi! When we know the numbers, it is easy to predict the competition you might face when you keep your product out there.

To grab the buyer’s attention, promoting your Amazon listings is the key. There are millions of products on the marketplace and thousands of sellers selling the same product as yours. Shoppers don’t have the time to go through each of the product listings. Try to make it easier for customers to find your goods, and once you start promoting your listings, you will see a visible increase in your revenue!

Growing as a seller on Amazon India is not an easy thing to do! You have to face a lot of competition, and that is where staying visible becomes a necessity. Today, we will talk about the top 6 ways to bring traffic to your product listings on Amazon. You can work on these areas to drive buyers directly to your listings and make them stay to grow as your customer!

1.      SEO optimization

When you talk about promoting your listings on Amazon, don’t forget that you have to drive traffic from outside of your Amazon store and make your listings visible internally on Amazon. When we talk about external traffic, it means when the buyer uses search engines to look for a similar product that you are selling on Amazon. Search Engine Optimization makes it easier for both types of buyers to find your listings with the help of popular keywords. If you use the right keywords that rank higher, buyers can easily find you through an Amazon or even Google search!

SEO optimization to promote listings on Amazon

There are many tools to identify the right keywords that buyers use when searching for the products you sell! For example, if you sell on Amazon India, make sure you sell the trendiest products Indian buyers and even foreigners are interested in. After you identify the right product, take out some time to search for relevant keywords and use them in your title and product description. When search engines detect your listing, they rank it higher according to the keyword you have used.

2.      Social Media should be your go-to!

People love spending their time on social media! Using these social media platforms is the best way to put your products in front of your potential customers. Even Amazon never fails to promote itself using various beautiful colors and creative ideas to attract customers.


Come up with interesting posts that show value for customers and get them excited to buy from you. You can interest your customers by sharing the discount offers and promo codes on your social media sites. Never make your posts all about advertising your products. Buyers must know that you have toothier needs and best interest in mind. Write helpful and interesting blogs and then promote your listings indirectly by sharing the link of your Amazon listing in it. If you can, promote your product in bundles with an interesting caption and colorful posts! Make your promotional offers interesting to help buyers feel excited to come shop from you!

3.      Keep your prices competitive.

Amazon India has tons of sellers selling the same product as yours. It takes a lot of time and effort to stand out from the crowd and make your listings visible. Another key to promoting your listings on Amazon India is to keep your prices competitive. It is necessary to keep competitive prices to stay ahead of your competitors and attract more buyers to buy from you.

How can we help?

Keeping your prices competitive is difficult to do when you have thousands of sellers competing against you. However, the right Amazon repricing tool can give you the advantage to increase sales. An Amazon repricer helps you stay competitive and gets you the Buy Box that drives in more sales. Alpha Repricer, the best Amazon repricing tool in the industry, helps sellers get the Buy Box since it is quite evident by the research that more than 80% of the sales go to the Buy Box winners on Amazon. Try us for 14 days for free to help you promote your Amazon listing with the perfect product prices and Amazon Buy Box in hand!

4.      Get Sponsored Ads on Amazon

Even though you use SEO for your listings, it is not assured that your listing will appear high in the Amazon search result. Amazon’s search engine also takes other factors into accounts, such as sellers’ rank, history, product price, and a lot more. SEO is not entirely responsible for keeping you on the top.

If you want to promote your Amazon listings in India and throughout foreign countries, we suggest you pay Amazon to sponsor your products. That way, the marketplace keeps your listing higher when anybody searches for the product.

Sponsored ads to promote your listings on Amazon

The plus point is that you only have to pay once the buyers click on your sponsored ad on Amazon. Your product’s visibility is maximized, and the payoff is guaranteed. Shoppers can easily find your products through Amazon’s search engine and purchase them if you keep your product page attractive.

5.      Work on your product ratings

Amazon is a competitive marketplace where buyers have thousands of options to choose from, so they don’t have to buy from the sellers selling low-quality products.

Selling on Amazon India is a task when there are many other options that buyers can go for plus other similar platforms like Flipkart to go to. Amazon can hold you responsible if you cause any buyer to feel disappointed.

The best way to attract buyers and leave a good impression is to work on your ratings and keep them high. When purchases search for a product and go through the results, they can see the star ratings of every product. Competitive price and high star rating are the keys to impress buyers to shop from you.

What can you do to maintain five-star ratings?

  • Avoid false details about your listing: Exaggerated product details with images might initially increase your sales, but they can hurt your business in the future. Buyers who receive your products after they order from you will know the difference between what you showed on the website vs. what they received. They will most probably give you a low rating.
  • Customer service: Handle the requests of your customers properly and ship their products on time. If the customer leaves a low star rating, reach out to them, find out about the issue and fix it so that they can give you a better rating.

6.      Reach out to influencers!

Many Indian influencers are thriving on social media! You can reach out to Indian influencers living in India and all over the world. Connect with and encourage them to promote your products in their country of residence and across the globe. Making a good impression with influencers can expand your presence internationally.

Contact prominent influencers who have a considerable following on their social media platforms to promote your products. Having Influencers in your network helps inform communities about your products in a better way. Buyers know that your product is worth buying and will purchase from you!

Amazon India keeps on growing in terms of sellers. If you want to succeed on the platform, it’s high time you focus on your Amazon listings. To know more about increasing your sales on Amazon, check out our blog!

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