Amazon sellers usually get worried whenever they are asked to write a brief, interesting, and eye-catching product title to attract their consumers. While it seems quite easy, it gets pretty challenging to cover an entire product in just a couple of lines. Fortunately, we are here to help you master the art of writing product titles and help you grab your audience’s attention with informative, concise, and compelling content.

Table of contents:

  1. Importance of your product title
  2. Main areas to focus on while writing your product title
  3. The best practices to follow for a product title to shine
  4. Practices to avoid while writing your product title
  5. Extra tip
  6. Conclusion

Why is It So Important To Focus On Your Product Title?

When we talk about writing on Amazon, there are two main areas to focus on: updating your product listing with attractive content and coming up with an attention-grabbing product title. While Alpha Repricer, the best Amazon repricer to win the Buy Box already has a couple of posts regarding product listings, let’s see why we chose to write about product titles on Amazon.

If you are a seller on Amazon, then you are probably aware of the fact that A9, which is a proprietary search algorithm on Amazon, has its own set of characteristics that distinguishes its search engine from eBay, Walmart, or Google. In light of this, the product title of each of your items is critical for you as a seller because:

1.    It helps you rank higher than other sellers in searches.

2.    Enables customers to find and get attracted to your product quite easily.

3.    Provide the most crucial information regarding your product to potential purchasers with a single glance.

4.    When you get increased visibility and traffic, it results in increased sales of your products.

What are The Main Areas To Focus On While Writing a Product Title?

Here is a simple formula that you must keep in mind before writing a product title on Amazon. These four bullet points are going to help you keep your product title straightforward, and they are easy to follow as well. No matter what or how many products you sell, the product title must have the following information:

1.    Name of your brand

2.    Size as well as the quantity of your product

3.    Color, variant, or flavor of the item

4.    High-ranking keywords

For instance, if you are selling shoes for women, the product title should be similar to this: Adidas Brown Size 12 Women’s Shoes. This is a very vague example of how it has to look, and moving forward we will learn how to make it more attractive since sellers are allowed to use approximately 200 characters to cover their products and make them rank high in searches.

The Best Practices To Follow For A Product Title To Shine:

Amazon has mentioned certain guidelines and rules to follow on how your product title should appear on Amazon, which includes:

1.    Make sure to capitalize the first letter of every word you write. However, it doesn’t include the articles, prepositions, or conjunctions. Let them stay lower-case but other than that, ONLY the first letter of each word should be capitalized. Don’t capitalize the entire product title, you’d come forward as noisy or irrelevant.

2.    Numbers shall be written instead of words. For example: write ‘5’ instead of ‘five’.

3.    Similarly, use ‘and’ instead of just using the symbol ‘&’. You can use the symbol only if it’s a part of the name of the brand; which is quite rare.

4.    The measurement units must be mentioned in full forms instead of using abbreviations. (for example 4 inches instead of 4″, and pounds instead of lbs.).

5.    If you are dealing with clothes, shoes, or products for children, make sure to mention the color and the size, so that when mothers shop, they know that you have the right size for their children instead of a vague idea.

What Practices Should You Avoid?

1.    Do not mention the size or the color of your item if it does not have a direct impact on your product. 

2.    Avoid mentioning any promotional offer, product price, unnecessary symbols in the product title. Also, avoid praising your product. (For instance, don’t write that your product is the best in the market).

3.    Unless you are dealing with a private product, avoid mentioning the seller’s name or information in the title.

4.    Do not make it extra lengthy by adding false claims just to make your product look better than others. It doesn’t work and this would be considered a scam.

Extra tip:

Identify the best-ranking keywords that are related to your product and use them in your product title. Invest a bit of your time and research to understand which keywords would go well with your product. You should think like a buyer and use those words that you think would attract you as a purchaser. Pick out the most commonly used keywords that rank well in the searches and then use them in your titles. Moreover, conduct A/B testing to check how many clicks are you getting with certain keywords. Check your progress and then update the title accordingly.

In Conclusion,

Once you succeed in writing the best product titles for your products, it’s now time to focus on how to sell them and at what price. The competition is high on Amazon and to get maximum sales, now is the time to sign up with a repricing software to keep your prices competitive at all times. Make sure to check out Alpha Repricer to unburden yourself and let the repricer help you earn maximum profits. Visit the site now.


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