After you put in so much time and effort in launching a product to sell on Amazon, somebody grabs that opportunity and steals your business. These Amazon hijackers come and sell a copied version of your products cheaply, which excites the customer. These hijackers are a real threat to your business, and they are not holding any punches!

To protect your Amazon account from hijackers, there are some necessary measures you should take! To help you gain awareness, we highlight who Amazon hijackers are, how they function, and the ways you can prevent your account from getting hijacked!

How to identify Amazon hijackers

Hijackers are known as those Amazon sellers who list their products under your product ASIN or listing. These hijackers use your ASIN instead of creating their listing at a lower price to steal the Buy Box from you. They will copy your packaging and make a cheaper copy of your product.

They get more sales than you because of the lower price, resulting in you not getting any deals from that listing. You lose your sales, but the hijacker’s product’s quality is inferior, leaving customers dissatisfied. They take out their anger under your listing by leaving a bad review that affects your image.

You can find the hijackers if you visit your listing and find the area of “other buying options” to see the copied version of your product.

Can resellers be counted as hijackers?

No, resellers are the people who bought the product from you before and decided to resell it on Amazon. Yes, they can get on your nerves at times, but they are selling your authentic product and are allowed to do so. They are not doing anything wrong, so it’s pretty challenging to remove resellers from your territory. They don’t harm you as much, though! Because most likely they will be selling it at a higher price than you.

How to Protect your Amazon account from Hijackers?

The most efficient way to protect your account is to make sure it’s tough for hijackers to copy your product; because they hack your listing when some precautions are not taken.


The first thing you can do is set a brand name and logo on your product. It should be very visible on the packaging. Show your brand and logo clearly on your listing with all the pictures showing how your real product is actually sold. Get distinctive packaging and designs for your products that are hard to copy and make them stand out.


Getting a trademark registered for your brand name helps you get legal protection. You can file a complaint about your trademark’s unauthorized use, and Amazon will remove the hijacker. However, make sure that you have a US registered trademark, or else Amazon won’t be able to help you.


When you bundle your products, it is difficult for other sellers to copy and steal the show from you. You package your products differently and sell them together as a new uncommon product. These unique bundles cannot be copied easily by the Amazon hijackers as they will have to get all the products present in your bundled product. Besides, if the bundle doesn’t match your bundle exactly, Amazon will get rid of it.


Creating a website for your brand where you post your products helps everybody know that you own this brand, and all the other accounts are fake. You don’t have to work a lot on your website. Just create one and publish your products there.

Extra tip: you can also offer customers a money-back guarantee. It persuades them to purchase from your brand where the trademark and brand name is visible.

What should you do about the Amazon hijackers?

If your account gets hacked even after following all the preventive measures, then it’s time to get aggressive. How? Well, let’s see!

Be assertive!

You can’t always keep your listing safe from the hijacker. However, to scare them off, send an email to them from your Amazon Buyer account! Make sure you use powerful words and be confident since you are not wrong! Let them know that they will be in deep trouble if they keep on hijacking your listing.

Let Amazon know

If the email doesn’t scare these Amazon hijackers enough, then you should just report them to Amazon. Amazon is very serious about IP violations and doesn’t tolerate any infractions! Check out the hijacker’s account, note down all the odd points that show their scam, and describe the issue to Amazon.

Open your seller central, and you can easily find the option of help. Go to “contact us” and from there, go to “selling on Amazon,” click on “other issues,” and then select “Report a Violation.”

Concisely write the message you want to convey and provide a direct link to the hijacker’s account in the email. Mark it as urgent and ask them to call you. Amazon will respond within hours.

By this point, we hope that the hijackers will leave your Amazon listings alone! However, we suggest you be careful and use all the precautions mentioned above to keep your listings safe. But if the other seller manages to hijack your listing, you know what to do! Never let anybody else demotivate you to thrive in your Amazon business! Keep selling; keep shining!

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