Amazon is the most profitable and successful online retailer globally. Every year thousands of sellers join Amazon India and sell millions of unique and high-quality products to increase their seller’s ranking and maximize profit.

Back in 2020, more than 70,000 sellers sold their “made in India” products across 15 international Amazon sites.” (Source: retail. economictimes)

Amazon India has taken the Indian market by storm and has given sellers opportunities to sell and earn a good profit margin. Moreover, Amazon India has launched seller registration services in Hindi, Marathi, and Kannada for its customers.

In 2020, more than 75,000 sellers have registered on Amazon India in their regional Indian languages (Source: hindustantimes)

 “We would invest $1 billion in establishing the small and medium business in India and expected to export Indian made goods worth $10 billion by 2025.” (Jeff Bezos)


Tips to make your Amazon India seller business profitable

There is no guarantee that you’ll always stay on the Amazon India market. Here are a few tips that help you stay and can skyrocket your profit on Amazon India.

·         A real niche can boost your sales!

 Selecting the right niche plays an important role in running your business successfully. Sell products that people love buying. Moreover, keep an eye on social media for products that are trending and that are the most preferred by consumers.

Furthermore, select products that always stay strong in the market and make the sellers happy. For example, consumer electronics, baby care products, toys, games, food products, and clothing are items that can never go off the market and always give you a reason to make more profit.

·         Keep an eye on your competitors

As an Indian Amazon seller, it is necessary to know your competitors and the techniques they follow to gain profit in the market. There is massive competition on the Amazon Indian marketplace, and you are not the only one selling your products here. Sometimes things get pretty challenging for sellers. So, instead of avoiding new competitors entering the market, it is necessary to improve your strategies.

You cannot always stay and lead the market and make more money. Moreover, revolutionize your products to attract customers and stay ahead in the market!

“Competition is always a better thing. It compels us to do our best. A monopoly renders the people complacent and satisfied with mediocrity.” (Nancy Pearcy)


·         Focus on Keywords

Sellers must realize the importance of using relevant and focused keywords. Use keywords that contain one or two words. You can use keywords to target the buyers directly. Focused keywords differentiate your products from other competitors in the market and help you get on the top.

However, relevant and valuable keywords can improve your SEO rankings and can help you stay competitive. The more relevant a keyword is, the more it will rank you higher and bring more traffic to your site.

Misapplication of keywords is a prevalent mistake, but it may affect your seller’s ranking in the future. It is necessary to enlist keywords in suitable places, such as your title. Think out of the box and research consumer trends and statistics to find accurate and relatable keywords.

·         Positive customer reviews can skyrocket your profit!

Product reviews play a vital role in improving your profit and sales on Amazon India. According to a statistic, 89% of consumers prefer not to buy products until they read the complete reviews (Source: It helps customers to know more about the quality and standard of your product. Sometimes, it becomes tricky for a new seller to get good reviews on their products, and they keep on struggling.

However, you can use templates to show your results at higher levels to engage your customers and make their purchases more accessible. You can also run various promotional campaigns to get positive reviews on your page.

Unfortunately, if you have any negative reviews on your page, you will have to take time to resolve the issues. Ask your customers about the issues they had. Try to resolve their problems first, and then ask them to remove the negative reviews from your page. This will ultimately build customers’ trust in your business.

·         A better pricing strategy can help you stay ahead!

An effective pricing strategy is what compels the buyers to purchase your products. Set the pricing of your products accordingly to engage customers and build their trust. Moreover, it is necessary to be aware of your competitors’ pricing techniques to gain more sales.

Your pricing strategy must be simple and straightforward. Use the Amazon repricing tool to set your products and maximize your sales on Amazon India. Try Alpha Repricer. It is the best Amazon repricer that can set the prices of your products in 2 minutes and help you stay competitive. This excellent tool helps win the Buy Box, which is essential for increasing your seller’s ranking.

·         Promotion and branding of your business

To grab the attention of your buyers, it is important to promote your business. Use high-quality images and videos to promote your business. To fulfill your customers’ requirements, you must know what your customers want and how they want their products to be.

Efficient promotions of your business differentiate your products from other competitors. Your campaign should make you stand out. Promotion creates a better image of your products in the minds of targeted customers.

According to a statistic, 89% of buyers stay loyal to the brands that share their values (Source: You can promote your business on multiple social platforms. This will make you visible on the internet and will bring more customers.


To position your brand, it is necessary to gain customer satisfaction because 86% of the buyers prefer to pay more for a better customer experience (Source: reviewtrackers). Above are the tips that can help you stay competitive and increase your ranking. Selling on Amazon India can be helpful for you to expand your business and maximize your profit margin.

However, pricing is one of the important blocks to boost your sales on any Amazon marketplace. Any repricing tool that you prefer must be instant, affordable, and continuous. Try Alpha Repricer.  It offers constant repricing and is the fastest repricing tool available. Try us and see how we can help you stay competitive 24/7. Moreover, this excellent tool provides you an opportunity to win the Buy Box.

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