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January, 20 2021

Tips to win the Amazon Buy Box more often!

Tips to win the Buy Box more often

If you are an Amazon seller, you already know the impact of winning a Buy Box on your sales! 83% of sales on Amazon happen because of the Buy Box and not being in one decreases the chances of you selling successfully on Amazon! So, which areas do you need to focus on to win the Amazon Buy Box? Let’s have a look!

What to do to win the Amazon Buy Box

It is pretty tricky to win the Buy Box when other sellers are competing for it too! Amazon has never mentioned the factors they consider while choosing the right seller for the Buy Box. However, there are a few critical areas we know Amazon looks at, and you can work on them to be on top of the list!

1. Sell new products!

Usually, we see those sellers getting the Buy Box who sell new products on Amazon. The products with “used condition” as a description are not as appealing to the customers. The chances get pretty slim to win the Buy Box with offers of used condition. If it is possible, then try selling trendy and new products!

2. Pricing competitively is crucial!

Your customers get happy when they see a product they want at lower prices! Setting the price of your product under 5% of the Buy Box price, you maximize your opportunity to get the Buy Box! You will generally come across the fact that Buy Box usually is the lowest price offered of any product.

Pricing the right way on Amazon is very important, not just for the Buy Box but also for getting more sales and staying competitive! How do you do that? Let’s have a look!

Why do you need an Amazon Repricing tool to stay competitive and win the Buy Box?

As an Amazon repricing tool ourselves, we know how necessary it is to get an Amazon repricer for your listing.  It is not easy to tackle each price change that occurs, and if you fail to do so, you are already out of the competition. In order to get maximum sales and lead to the Buy Box, competitive pricing is the key, and an Amazon repricing tool helps you maintain just that!

At Alpha Repricer, we offer continuous, instant, and real-time repricing! As soon as your competitor does any price change, we respond immediately! We maintain your prices to win the Buy Box and focus on your profit margin, so you don’t go too low to have that Buy Box!

Learn more about the importance of an Amazon repricer by reading our blog!

3. Be a prime seller if you are not already!

You can win the Buy Box being a regular seller, but we suggest you consider shifting to prime. Amazon gives the first look to the prime seller and then comes down to the non-prime ones! If you are an FBA seller on Amazon, then you are already qualified as a prime seller. However, if you ship your products yourself and follow FBM, you can still shift to prime and be eligible to get the Buy Box!

4. Stock up your inventory, and keep it that way!

Fulfilling the demands of your customers on time is a huge deal for Amazon. If you offer something on Amazon to the buyers and get late just because you didn’t have it in stock, that’s a big NO-NO! Amazon can easily pass by you and choose those sellers who have their inventory stocked up to deal with the customers faster! So stock up your inventory, especially for those products that sell quickly!

5. Shift to FBA!

We are not emphasizing that, but if you want to win the Buy Box, then being an FBA seller helps a lot! Other sellers usually have a tough time competing with FBA sellers. They already have everything they need to get the Buy Box, including fast and free shipping, delivery time, and stocked inventory!

Check out our blog on FBA and know its importance!

6. Focus on your shipping time!

As we mentioned earlier, you can’t keep your customer waiting! Shipping on time has a significant impact on Amazon, and you will surely be at the top if you ship on time! Amazon allows you less than 4% late shipments, under 2.5% of the pre-fulfillment cancellation rate. Amazon emphasizes giving tracking by demanding over 95% valid tracking. Mention the correct shipping time on the product details page to show exactly when they are receiving their products.

7. Your Order defect rate should be less!

Your ODR must be low to impress Amazon. Your target is less than a 1% defect rate. Sell high-quality products to avoid negative feedback! Amazon also looks at your guarantee claim rates and the chargeback rate. Make sure your ODR is below 1% of all orders in 30 days.

8. Get more positive feedback!

Having honest and positive feedback does help in winning the Buy Box. Even though Amazon has never mentioned how exactly it looks into the metrics, but we know that the sellers getting low reviews have less of a chance to win the Buy Box than the ones having positive feedback. Work on that!

We understand that it is not precisely the easiest to win the Buy Box or even compete for it! That’s why Alpha Repricer is here to get you through this! Sign up to Alpha Repricer and let us manage your listings to stay competitive and win the Buy Box! Our Amazon repricing tool helps you maximize your sales and profits, and winning the Buy Box for you is a piece of cake!

Don’t believe us yet? Sign up now for our 14- day trial and experience it yourself!

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