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October, 20 2020

Is It A Mistake To Sell Without an Amazon Repricer?

Mistake to sell without Amazon repricer

Not choosing an Amazon repricing software is a common mistake Amazon sellers make. Manual repricing requires a lot of time and effort. A repricing tool is automated thus simplifying repricing. And repricing is necessary to stay competitive. Starting from listing your products to keeping a check and then selling them, you must be super smart to handle everything. However, we humans, make mistakes. They can be made during pricing or even repricing your listings. Therefore, missing any blind spot might lead you to lose your customers or experience a decrease in profit.

In this article, we emphasize that it is a mistake to sell on Amazon without a repricing tool. Let’s start with the basics.

What is an Amazon Repricing Software?

When you choose automated repricing for your Amazon listings, Amazon repricing tool is there to help. You have to set up your repricing tool, and after that, you have done your job. Amazon repricing will check your listings, determine your competitors, and reprice whenever the prices change. Repricers compare prices with your competitors and then take action. How much you are willing to decrease your price affects the repricing. Good repricing keeps your profit margin in mind. You have to set a maximum and then a minimum price for your product. The system then changes prices to get your products on top, increase profits, and keep your costs competitive.

 That’s right! Automated repricing software does a lot. However, many sellers find it hard to squeeze a repricing tool into their budget. In reality, the best amazon repricer should pay for itself and then some! That, alone, can be the reason why it is a mistake to sell on amazon without a repricing tool. But wait there is more. Sellers themselves reduce the chances of winning the Buy Box by opting not to use a repricing tool. How? Well, let’s look at some errors that sellers can make which can affect your business. 

Common Mistakes Made During Manual Repricing:

Manual repricing, brings a big room for error with it.

1. Typing Mistakes can Result in Loss

Human errors are widespread when you have to set prices and reprice bucketful of listings. While you are at it, making slight typing mistakes is possible. It can even be a tiny mistake that sellers tend to make. A minor error of typing $130.00 as $13.00 can directly make you go through loss. While running a business sellers can get tired and stressed; and this makes it easier to miss small details. You might end up selling your item for too little. Or a pricing error may cause Amazon to deactivate your listing.

How to avoid typing Mistakes?

Well, repricing with an Amazon repricing software saves you from the trouble. The best repricing tool sets your prices according to your rules, and it doesn’t even need rest to do so! It frequently works on your listings, ensuring everything is accurate so that sales and profits are not compromised.

2. Not Being Able to Keep Up

Without a doubt, Sellers are not as fast as an automated repricer. Selling on Amazon without the best repricing tool might put you under pressure. You can’t keep up with all the prices of your competitors to act accordingly. It is nearly impossible to compete with automated repricers that your competitor may be using. As a result, you are left behind and the repricing can end up being erratic, not continuous.

You may end up spending hours pouring over competitors prices.
You may end up spending hours pouring over competitors prices.

How to reprice faster?

With an best Amazon repricer, it is way easier to monitor your competitors’ prices and set your prices correspondingly. It does not require extra effort. Amazon repricing software does it for you. All you have to do is select the fastest Amazon repricer for your listings. They are way quicker to respond. Continuous repricing done in a timely fashion will keep you in the competition.

3. Waste of Time

As direct as it sounds, manual repricing is a waste of time. Why? Manual repricing means, the seller spends hours checking up on the prices of competitors. Then, upon finding the changes in their prices to change the prices manually is very time-consuming. Sellers could invest this time in sourcing products or improving business in other ways. Even if a seller sticks to his or her computer all day and keeps on repricing, they still can’t beat their competitors. And that’s not the end, competitors keep changing prices so sellers have to frequently go back and check on the price changes.

How to avoid wasting your time?

It is essential to make time for yourself. Putting all the business practices aside, repricing manually might eat up your time for your family, friends, even yourself. Having an Amazon repricing software saves time. It reprices way faster than a human and relieves the user from spending the time on repricing.

4. Setting Low Prices to stay in the competition

Some sellers, usually new ones, set prices too low. Maybe to save time so that it won’t be necessary to reprice as often. Also, they think it might give them an edge over their competitors as buyers usually love low-priced products. However, those sellers don’t know how important it is to keep your profit margin. It will affect your brand image too, as buyers will mistake you as selling cheap products.

Competitive pricing – not too high and not too low

How to avoid setting such low prices?

Having a repricing tool helps you set your minimum and maximum price range for your products after keeping a safe profit margin. It is aware of your bottom line and doesn’t make you sell your product at a loss.

5. Not giving importance to visibility

It is essential to have visibility for your products. Buyers should be able to see you quickly when they search for any item related to you. It requires that your listing is in the Buy Box. It’s a common misconception that the lower prices win the Buy Box.

How to get better?

A good repricer will compete for the Buy Box and maintain your prices at the highest possible without losing the Buy Box. Next time a buyer searches for an item, you will appear first due to the prominent setting of the Buy Box!

We have highlighted some common pitfalls of manual repricing. Staying competitive, winning Buy Box, and increasing sales is not an easy job to do. Selling on Amazon without a repricer comes with its consequences. Sellers may end up feeling the pressure and make decisions that are not always right for their business! With Amazon repricing software, you can stop worrying about repricing every 15 minutes. It is going to save a lot of time and will lead to earning profits faster!

Alpha Repricer is the fastest repricer

Why Alpha Repricer?

Alpha Repricer is the best automated Amazon repricer. Our repricing engine monitors competition continuously and makes accurate price changes. We catch, calculate, and send up a price change in an average time of 65 seconds. Alpha Repricer users are amazed at how fast we win Buy Boxes for them. Alpha Repricer relieves the users from the tedious job of repricing. Our users sometimes do not sign in for months. With our repricing strategies, you can be sure that your prices will not go too low. First, our repricing engine does not go beyond the minimum and maximum prices. Second, our ROI (return on investment), Profit margin, and other formulas ensure that your profits are maintained. Following that, the algorithmic repricing profile goes after the Buy Box with a vengeance. You can set your strategies to compete differently with each fulfillment type. We don’t compromise on quality and focus on every detail related to your products’ repricing. You can count on us if you want to give your competitors a tough time. Sign up for our free trial today!

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