We all know that Amazon is the most successful and leading online marketplace for sellers and buyers. Whenever Amazon introduces new and interesting products, they do their best to bring them into the market for their customers. As an Amazon seller, you should know that you are not the only one selling products in the market. You have many competitors, so it’s necessary to understand your target audience to boost your sales and profit. Alpha Repricer is here to provide expert insights on how to reach and engage your ideal customers on Amazon. Here are key strategies to help you target your audience effectively.

Table of Contents:

  1. Know your Audience
  2. Pricing Strategy
  3. Create Targeted Promotions and Deals
  4. What are the Benefits your Products Provide?
  5. Build an Image of your Product

Know Your Audience

In our professional opinion, the first step before offering your products to the market is to conduct proper research and learn about your target audience. It is essential to target those Amazon marketplaces that contain people who are interested in buying your goods.

For example, if we talk about books, electronics, or toys, these are the products that have Worldwide Selling. And it doesn’t matter in which country you are in; these items will always find their target audience.

If you are selling across borders, a little research could go a long way. Some of your products may not be in demand in one country but they might be very popular in others. For example, winter items will not sell well in Amazon UAE. Learn a little about the culture so you can put on sale relevant items for upcoming local holidays!

Pricing strategy

In early 2020, Amazon suspended thousands of FBA Sellers because they were selling products such as sanitizers, and hand washes at a high price. So it is essential to keep your pricing strategy straightforward to target your audience.

The Amazon pricing strategy is what helps and keeps people purchasing. It’s important to know about the pricing strategy of your competitors. You should know who they are, where they stand on the first page of an Amazon search, and what are the pricing strategies they are following.

Keep your pricing strategy simple. You can also offer discounts on your product line to boost up your initial sales and perform well. The key to a successful Amazon pricing strategy is keeping track of your costs, setting up new techniques, and rules, and watching what your competitors are up to! Our expert opinion is that a well-executed pricing strategy can significantly impact your sales and profitability.

if you don’t want to deal with this unnecessary pressure, use an Amazon repricing tool. It will help you to reprice automatically without any extra hassle! You can also use the repricing software to lower or raise your prices for a sale event.

Create Targeted Promotions and Deals:

 Special promotions and deals can attract attention and drive sales among your target audience. Use Amazon’s promotional tools, such as Lightning Deals, Coupons, and the Subscribe & Save program, to offer discounts and incentives. Tailor these promotions to the preferences of your target audience to maximize their effectiveness. In our view, targeted promotions are a powerful way to boost visibility and encourage purchases.

What are the benefits your product Provides?

In our professional opinion, satisfying customer needs and wants is what helps a business to lead and grow in the market. It is necessary to ask your customers what they want and how you can resolve their issues. People purchase your products because they are attracted to them and want the benefit your product is providing them.

For example, you are selling toothpaste that works as a pain reliever, and it’s specifically designed for people of old age. So now you’ll be able to add more benefits to your product because you already know who is your audience and what things you can do to gain their satisfaction!

Build an Image of Your Product

Not everyone is attracted to your product. You have to make efforts to build your product image and make things work in the market.

Our advice would be to know and find out the gender, age, income, location, and occupation of your customers. Because then you’ll be able to get an idea of what your customer might like because your every customer can’t match every element of the strategy. Add descriptions, and images of your product and use unique marketing strategies and techniques to appeal to and target your audience!

While you are at it, make sure to check out the common mistakes sellers make while selling on the platform to avoid making your customers unhappy.


Once you’ve decided to sell on Amazon, it’s important to target your audience and know what they want. With so many sellers providing similar products, you need an effective marketing strategy to be successful. Above are a few guidelines that would help you to target your audience. Without customer approval it is impossible to get sales, so you need to know what your customers want and how you can make things better!

Besides targeting your audience, it’s also important to set your pricing strategy and keep your prices competitive at all times.

We are here for you; choose Alpha Repricer! We offer all of the things you could wish for in a repricer tool at affordable prices. It is the fastest, Amazon repricing tool for your listings that helps you stay competitive while maintaining your prices to get you the Buy Box! Try it now.


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