As an Amazon seller, when you think about increasing your profits, you also need to focus on your product visibility. The most important tool for you to bring your products high in the Amazon search results is keywords. Well-researched and relevant keywords increase the search engine ranking of your products and help you stay at top of the search results. If you are selling on Amazon without using accurate and well placed keywords you are at the risk of being buried under all the competition. So if you want to get ahead of the competition you need to research well and find the best keywords for your listings!

 “According to a statistic, 90.42% of keywords get 10 monthly searches or maybe fewer.”


 What is Amazon keyword research?

Amazon keyword research

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Amazon keyword research is the process of searching for relevant, accurate, and strong keywords for your product listings. When the buyer searches for any keywords linked to your product, your product will be shown in the Amazon search results. Taking the time to identify the best keywords for your listing will eventually increase your search engine rankings and help you get more sales!

Ways to conduct Amazon keyword research

Here are the few ways to perform your Amazon keyword research;

·  You have to keep your “Seed keywords” game strong!

The first step to perform the Amazon keyword research is finding the short and accurate seed keywords for your product listings. List down the keywords that you think are related to your products. Put yourself in the customers’ position and use those keywords that you think people will use to search for your product because keywords define your products.

For example; if you sell pet products, then the “seed keywords” might be:                                            

  • The Pet food
  • Pet accessories
  • Pet toys
Another example of “Seed keywords”

·   Use Amazon keyword research tools

Amazon keyword research tools are the most successful and effective tools for finding thousands of keywords directly from Amazon. These tools play a crucial role in increasing your sales and profit and also reduce your time looking for the best keywords. Moreover, Amazon keyword research tools will help you know about how customers search for your products, the keywords at the top, and those that need improvement.

Using the best keyword research tool will minimize your time and efforts and will help you stand out among your competitors. Some keyword search tools to consider are Ahrefs Site Explorer, Scientific Seller, or Amazon’s own keyword tool.

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·  Insert the keywords into your Amazon Product listings

After choosing the accurate keywords, it is essential to include the primary and secondary keywords in your product title and description because they play an important role in increasing your search engine rankings. Use heavy and relevant keywords in your product title and description as it let Amazon know that your product matches the search bar of the buyer. Moreover, it increases the visibility of your products and helps the buyers find your products more easily.

“According to a statistic, 68% of online experiences begin with the search engine”


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·   Keep an eye on your competitors!

It is important to keep an eye on the strong keywords used by your competitors. You must know the relevant keywords they are using to drive more traffic to their website. Run after the most prominent players in the market and target their keywords.

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 Moreover, find keywords that help your competitors achieve the highest ROI and consider adding them to your strategy. But, also consider important keywords that your competitors might have missed that give you an advantage. It may take some time in playing around with keywords to see what puts you ahead in the rank and what doesn’t work for your listings.

Final thoughts

Performing Amazon keyword research is necessary, if you want your product to rank on top in the product listings on Amazon. Moreover, it drives more potential customers to your listings and helps you boost your sales.

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