Amazon Buy Box has always been a holy grail for sellers to succeed on the platform. The spot through the Buy Box on the product page brings you the most sales. However, the latest news mentions that Amazon has now replaced the Buy Box with the “Featured Offer”. This transformation has brought quite a few modifications that sellers should be aware of to effectively operate within the changing e-commerce landscape.

As seasoned professionals in the field, we understand the significance of staying updated with such developments and adapting our strategies accordingly. With our extensive experience, we can navigate through these changes and provide valuable insights to help sellers thrive in the competitive Amazon marketplace.

Let’s dive into every update that Amazon sellers need to know about concerning the Featured offer:

Table of contents:

  1. The shift from Buy Box to the Amazon Featured Offer
  2. Key changes for Amazon sellers
    1. The option of multiple sellers
    2. Customer experience is a priority
    3. More competitors
    4. Rotating featured offer display
    5. Product listing optimization
    6. price
  3. Conclusion

The Buy Box has always been the most wanted feature for sellers; as it allows customers to directly purchase an item from a specific seller through the product page. It allows the highlighted seller to get the majority of the sales, while buyers get their product at the best price and quick delivery. However, Amazon has now replaced Buy Box, and the latest feature is now called “Amazon Featured Offer”. This particular shift is more than just a name change; it signifies a change in how Amazon wants to present the purchase alternatives to customers. 

Key Changes for Amazon Sellers:

The option of multiple sellers

The competition just got interesting! With the help of Featured Offer, multiple sellers can now be featured and get the limelight; in contrast to the Buy Box, which only allowed one seller with the lowest price offer to get the top spot. Thai implies that if you are great at offering top-notch customer service, offer dependable shipping options, and have positive reviews, then you also have a chance to be featured; regardless of your product price. 

Customer Experience has now become a priority 

The Featured Offer focuses on other crucial aspects apart from the product price. Such as seller ratings, reviews, shipping time, and return rate. It has shifted its approach to give more importance to the customers and aware sellers to make customer experience a priority instead of just focusing on the price. 

More competitors 

More customers will now compete for the Featured Offer because of its space for multiple sellers. You will not be able to win the spot only by decreasing your product prices. Sellers will not have to differentiate themselves from other sellers; by including discounts, warranties, or exceptional customer support. 

Instead of highlighting the sole Buy Box winner, Amazon now rotates and switches between multiple sellers so that each one of them gets to appear on the product page. This provides a fair chance to the sellers who meet the requirements to grab customer attention and close deals. 

Product Listing Optimization is now a must

Whether it be an FBA seller, an FBM seller, or a third-party merchant, each one of them has to invest time in updating their product listings. Try and optimize your listings with accurate information and complete product details to get a chance at the Featured Offer. Moreover, in our experience, managing inventory levels efficiently can be a plus when you are trying to have a shot at winning.


Although product price still matters, it is not necessarily the only factor in choosing which sellers get to be in the Featured Offer. Sellers need to have dynamic pricing tactics that take into account a variety of factors, such as delivery speed and customer support.

In conclusion

Amazon has now introduced the Featured Offer to give sellers a twist and buyers a better chance to get their favorite products from the best vendors! It has kept the needs and experiences of its customers ahead to find the best deals and sellers now have to try harder to get noticed and get the highlighted spot. Focus on the right factors and you might be the next seller in the Featured Offer! Good luck. 


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