Amazon and Walmart are the top two marketplaces where sellers face extreme competition every single minute! It is not easy to sell on either platform without thinking about using a repricing tool to stay competitive. There are hundreds of sellers for almost every new or trendy product. Repricing gives you an edge over your competitors and gets you a major part of the sales by keeping you top. Whether it’s Amazon repricing or Walmart repricing, they are very similar when it comes to their functions and services they offer. 

Let’s see how! 

What do you mean by Amazon Repricing?

Amazon repricing is known as the changing of product prices on the Amazon marketplace. The price changes occur almost every minute on Amazon, and even if buyers don’t make a purchase, it’s a huge deal for sellers to keep their prices competitive on the platform. Approximately 2.5 million price changes are reported on Amazon every day, making it tough for Amazon sellers to get sales easily. 

Shoppers visit Amazon and compare products in terms of prices. They end up buying from the sellers offering the most affordable price. If your products are priced high, it is likely you will get minimum sales. That is why sellers are motivated to keep their product prices competitive. 

There are various reasons why Amazon repricing is necessary, including the massive competition and ranking systems that lead to sales. Amazon reprices millions of products each day, making it tough for sellers to reprice manually or stay in the competition. To increase profits, sellers must be better than their competitors in terms of quality, feedback, and of course, price. 

What do you mean by Walmart repricing?

Walmart repricing is very similar to Amazon repricing. Walmart’s online marketplace is new yet full of potential. The sales have been growing massively, which means Walmart repricing is necessary for sellers to stay competitive on the platform.  

Walmart repricing changes your product prices automatically according to the market. When the market price of any product changes unexpectedly, a Walmart repricer changes the price to keep you in competition. 

It works the same way an Amazon repricer works and keeps sellers on the top to get a major part of the platform’s sales.  

How does Amazon repricing help in winning the Buy Box?

Amazon Buy Box is of significance for every Amazon seller. It helps you get major sales and generate profit. Being on Amazon is not enough for you to earn revenue. To stay ahead, winning the Buy Box is crucial.  

You can see the Amazon Buy Box on the right side of the product page. If you win it, you stay on top of your competitors. Your purchasers can easily see it when they look for a particular product you are offering. Other sellers are shown below the Buy Box winners but the sellers having the Buy Box stand out and get more sales.

To win the Buy Box on Amazon, you must sell new products at competitive prices. If your prices are not according to the Buy Box, you will be far from winning it. There is no point in manual repricing since it doesn’t help keep up with all the price changes and leave you behind. 

How can we help?

You only win the Amazon Buy Box when you set your prices according to its requirements. An Amazon repricing tool, like Alpha Repricer, helps you with it. Alpha Repricer– the best Amazon repricing tool offers instant repricing, and our Buy Box hunter enables you to win the Buy Box by keeping your prices competitive. Once you win the Buy Box, we keep it at the highest price possible so that your competitors can’t get it from you.

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How does Walmart Buy Box work?

Walmart also uses the concept of Buy Box. Sellers who win the Buy Box appears on the top as the default choice for purchasers. If you win the Buy Box on Walmart, the offer automatically moves to the cart when the purchaser clicks on the “Add to cart” sign. Many factors decide who wins the Buy Box, including competitive prices. A Walmart repricing tool can automatically adjust your prices according to the market to help you get the Buy Box. 

Amazon repricing and Walmart repricing are both quite similar, and their main motive is to help you stay competitive on respective platforms. To get more sales by winning the Buy Box, we suggest using the best repricing tools out there and do not depend on manual repricing. 

If you want to give automated repricing a try, sign up for the free 14-day trial with Alpha Repricer– the best Amazon repricing tool and experience it before you make a choice!