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October, 26 2020

What is Amazon Repricing?

what is repricing

Amazon repricing is the key to staying competitive. You wouldn’t even realize how fast things change at For buyers, it feels the same. They come, shop, and leave! However, sellers are always under pressure. They need to keep up with all the changes in their competitors’ listings and prices, and things move a little too fast. Sooner or later, sellers realize the need for an Amazon repricer that increases sales, optimize listings, and saves time and effort.


Amazon repricing is usually defined as the changing of prices that occur on the Amazon marketplace’s listings. Prices change either to increase profits, win Buy Box, or to keep up with the competitors. Approximately 2.5 million price changes take place on Amazon per day.

Amazon usually has a good deal of sellers selling identical products that you are offering. Which brings in competition for the sale. It gets to be very time consuming to sit in front of your computer and go through all the price changes individually. Besides, if you leave a spot and your listings are not priced competitively, it gets pretty tricky to get to the Buy Box or make a sale.

To grow your business without wasting so much time, you must consider using Amazon repricing software. That way you stay in competition 24/7, without getting hooked to your computer! Let’s find out about more of its benefits.



An Amazon repricer adjusts your prices automatically to get you ahead of your competitors. Staying competitive shoots up your chance of winning the Buy Box on Amazon. More than 80% of Amazon sales come with the Buy Box. Consumers usually purchase from the seller having the Buy Box. An Amazon repricer makes it easier for you to win the Buy Box by offering continuous repricing.


Manual repricing can cost you a lot of time and effort. Besides, you can’t really compete with software, right? We are humans, after all. When you react slowly to the price changes, it decreases the chance of you making the sale. Let the repricer do its job! They are designed to respond as soon as any price changes occur.


An Amazon repricing software keeps adjusting your prices within the range to sell your products at the best price! Besides, monitoring competitors and responding as needed results in getting more sales than usual. You stay on top with 90% chances of making a sale every single time. It isn’t necessary to go low every time. Sometimes, you can win Buy Box at higher prices. Repricer is going to make price changes after studying the situation and get you into a win-win situation!


Numerous price changes happen on Amazon in an hour. If you decide to spend hours just to monitor those changes, you will leave behind significant aspects of your business that you could’ve invested your time into. However, rest assured that a repricer won’t miss a single price change. You can dedicate your time to where it is needed rather than focusing on repricing only.

Manual repricing often costs you a lot too. Obviously, you will have to pay your employees to handle your listings, which is a waste of money. Even after that, you are not sure if you are responding to each and every fluctuation. A repricer is accurate and can do this job for you without asking for a bonus!


You can set minimum/maximum price ranges to ensure that you won’t suffer from any loss. In the same way, you can monitor your sales, upload as many SKUs you want and remove them too if needed. Besides, sellers can set their own rules if they opt for the rule-based method of repricing.

In short, Amazon Repricing saves you time, costs less, works faster, and gets you more profit! What could be better?


Typically, there are two basic types of repricing. 

  1. Rule-based Repricing.
  2. Algorithm-based Repricing. 

Rule-based Repricing allows you to set your own terms. While algorithm-based Repricing will enable repricers to compete for you and take the lead on everything.

You just have to set strategies or goals you want to achieve, such as getting to the Buy Box or making sales at a particular time. Set min/max price ranges. Once you place your strategies, you are good to go! The repricer will then check out the market data, including your competitors’ feedback, ranking, shipping type, etc. You can narrow down your competitors, too, if you want to. However, after research, the repricer will follow the pattern and react every time your competitor makes any price changes. It makes sure you sell above the minimum price set.


The answer is quite simple! Yes. You can opt for manual repricing on Amazon, but it consumes a lot of time. An automated repricer does the job for you without eating your time, and the level of accuracy is considerable. It saves you from human error and responds instantly to any changes that happen. Repricing software helps you from the trouble so you can focus on other significant areas to build your business!


Every business needs a repricer that focuses on its needs. Alpha Repricer respects our customer’s wants and offers rule-based, as well as algorithm-based repricing strategies. That way, we work according to the plan you choose! Alpha Repricer is the Fastest Amazon Repricer, with a response time of 65 seconds. We respond as soon as we notice any price changes.

If you think you need Amazon repricing software, then start with us. However, if you are still doubtful, then give us a try! Sign up for our 14-day free trial and monitor our instant Repricing!

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