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November, 9 2020

7 Tips to Sell More on Black Friday!

Tips to Sell More on Black Friday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the two most awaited days. And they are just around the corner. These shopping holidays are fun for buyers bringing amazing deals and discounts. However, Amazon sellers deal with a lot of pressure and often get burdened. They need to make sure they are prepared to sell during these holidays and use this opportunity for big profits. To help our sellers, we list seven tips you need to follow to maximize your sales and make the most out of Black Friday 2020!

Plan for Black Friday before it’s too late!

Do not wait until the last minute to start planning and marketing for Black Friday or Cyber Monday. The market gets exceptionally competitive. There’s a lesser chance of you getting ahead without marketing and preparing your inventory before October. Start advertising, attract more buyers before a month or two until it’s time to sell!  

Yes, Amazon sellers need to worry about both of these major shopping days as they bring a massive flock of buyers. However, don’t drive your focus on these two days only. Keep an eye on all the opportunities you get, including customers before the actual events looking for sales.

Beware! Do not run out of your inventory.

During these days, it would be a huge setback to not have enough inventory in stock. Amazon Sellers can’t afford to sell out completely:

  1. Compare your previous holiday sales to know the number of products you need.
  2. Get your suppliers on-board and start with the production and delivery of your products.
  3. FBA sellers need to make sure to deliver inventory to the Amazon warehouse on time.

Do everything in advance, so you won’t be worried when the time is near.

Black Friday deals and discounts!

Customers are always on the lookout for deals and discounts especially during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. They would want their favorite products to be cheaper than they usually are. Amazon Sellers must offer deals and discounts for customers to click and eventually buy your products. It’s a significant way to increase your sales! You can even offer products in bundles that go well with one another. Such deals attract customers more.

Pro tip: The smarter move would be to decide your deals and schedule them on Amazon before the dates

Advertise your products for Black Friday

Amazon Sellers must know how they want to promote their products. It takes time to execute a perfect advertising plan. Start promoting your brand two to three months before. This way, you have enough time in your hands to reach out to your customers earlier. It helps you market your product in a better way, increase sales, and create customer loyalty.

Remember, do not take the power of social media for granted. Use social media platforms to promote your products, especially Facebook. Paid campaigns on Facebook reach a vast audience. Try to make your ad catchy, clickable, and shareable. Mention the most used hashtags during these days, mention any attractive deal you got, and voila! You are good to go.

Email marketing also helps a lot and connects you to the customers directly. Come up with an exciting email format and add details that your customers would find attractive. Nobody opens a plain or boring email. Make sure it’s creative enough.

Product Listing Optimization

The best way of making your listing attractive is by using the correct keywords and making it visually appealing. Buyers search for products by using keywords. Using the most frequent, high-volume, and applicable keywords will help you appear more often in front of their screens. It will help if you do a little bit of research on what a person would type to get your product. A smart move is to see the keywords your competitors are using. Use the relevant holiday terms and remove them from the search term fields or descriptions once the season is over.

Upload the best quality pictures as it is going to be the first thing customers notice. Try to make the image presentable and very clear. Add essential features of the product on its or any necessary detail. That way, you’ll be saving your customer’s time from reading the whole description to get to the point.

Get your repricing strategies on point!

As an Amazon seller, you already have a lot on your plate. You definitely won’t have time to sit in front of the desk, looking at your competitor’s price changes to respond quickly. Missing out on price changes during Black Friday and Cyber Monday might get you in trouble. It will help if you have the perfect repricing strategy. The easy way out is to get an Amazon repricing tool for your listings.

That’s where our role begins! Alpha Repricer is known for its fast repricing. As soon as your competitor changes its prices, we respond immediately. Instant repricing, under 65 seconds to be exact. We bring you the most cost-effective repricing solution to maximize your sales! Read our blog on the best Amazon repricer to learn more.

Keep an eye on your sales.

Monitor how your sales are doing. Always look out for opportunities, make changes where needed, and don’t just leave your products to get sold on their own if your sales are going well, great! If not, then try using more effective keywords or make changes to your marketing strategies. Just don’t lose hope!

We sincerely hope following these tips will help you prepare for the crazy shopping days coming up. Please feel free to ask if you have any questions in the comments section down below! Good Luck, sellers!  

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