Manual Repricing VS. Amazon Repricing Tool

manual repricing vs. amazon repricing tool experiences change every single minute. It may seem like everything is the same to buyers, but for sellers, prices are continually changing; and sellers need to stay competitive if they want to sell for profit on Amazon. Amazon can be pretty challenging to handle for Amazon sellers, but luckily, you have different tools and software to help you, especially an Amazon repricer.

In this blog, we will discuss whether you should go for Manual Repricing and how an Amazon repricing tool can help in relieving you from the constant pressure of staying competitive.

What is manual repricing?

Manual repricing is the process of keeping an eye on your competitor’s prices and keep on repricing your listings accordingly, by hand. It may sound attractive for now, but on Amazon, price changes happen every second. In the blink of an eye, some seller out there changes his price, and you have to respond instantly. It’s not as easy as it sounds.

Advantages of manual repricing

These days, many sellers have shifted from manual repricing to automated repricing. However, some sellers still reprice manually. Why? There can be a few points that they are comfortable with, such as:

  1. It’s all in your hands! Sellers have full authority and control over how they want to take things forward during the process. Even with Amazon repricing getting all the hype, some sellers still prefer having full control over all of their adjustments.
  2. When a seller is selling noncompetitive items, they don’t feel the need to reprice that often. They do not have as many competitors to keep up with, and they are comfortable repricing by themselves whenever there is a need to.
  3. Manual repricing gets more comfortable when you sell fewer items. Plus, even when you sell only a few products, it doesn’t always make you a “low volume” merchant. Many sellers successfully run their businesses and earn well just by having a few listings.
  4. Manual repricing can be cost-effective. A seller wouldn’t want to spend on something that costs him a huge chunk of his profits. And let’s be honest, there is a small portion of Amazon repricing tools that are not necessarily affordable. Even if a repricer can help them more than they, they prefer not to spend that much money monthly.

What is automated repricing and Amazon repricing tool?

Automated repricing is known as a technology that sellers use to cope with the price changes of their competitors. It is a process of using software to change prices on behalf of the sellers.

An Amazon repricing tool gives sellers a chance to set min/max prices, different strategies, and goals, and then it starts working according to the parameters that have been set. The purposes could be getting maximum sales or winning the Buy Box.

Why is the Amazon repricing tool better than manual repricing?

Most of the sellers on Amazon choose an amazon repricing tool to take care of their listings. Why? There can be a few reasons, such as:

1. The control is still in your hands, in a better way!

Some sellers are still confused as to how a repricer works. Well, all the Amazon repricers give you the right to set min/max prices so that your profit margin is clear. After that, they respond to each price change in real-time, applying every rule and strategy you mentioned. They work according to how the market operates and helps your products get on top by staying competitive. They operate how you want them to, not violating any rules.

2. An Amazon repricing software doesn’t cost much!

If you get a pocket-friendly yet smart repricing tool, it will get you the results in no time, and then you can pay for it easily! In short, it pays for itself. However, if you think you are signed up with a repricer that is not getting you any sales or good results, consider switching to a different repricer. You can first try changing your approach or strategy first.

3. Cash your time!

A repricing tool makes it easier to earn money on your terms without wasting a lot of time keeping up with all the price changes. As an Amazon seller, you need to invest your time in building your brand and getting more traffic. When you reprice manually, you waste hours just keeping up with all the price changes. You can save a lot of time by getting a repricer that does the job for you while you work on other aspects of your online business.

4. Getting more sales

An amazon repricing software helps you stay ahead of your competitors, which leads to getting more sales. More sales mean that you will get faster feedback and good reviews if you fulfill each order on time and provide the best quality. Good reviews and positive feedback by customers provide you with the opportunity to win the Buy Box.

Therefore, when you get an automated repricing tool, it increases the volume of orders and maximizes your feedback rating, which is all you need to get ahead.

Which option is the best to opt for?

As an Amazon repricer, we recommend automated repricing for Amazon. It assists you in staying competitive, saves you time, and gives you the results instantly. You can have control over every activity that occurs and be able to beat your competitors. Price changes happen every second, and it gets pretty tricky for a person to handle, let the software do it for you!

You can reprice manually if you think you have fewer items to sell and you don’t want to invest money in a repricing solution.  It is better for small sellers trying to rise in ranking. Take as much time you need, do your research but don’t reprice manually to save your money. If you think you can afford repricing software, we assure you it’s going to be your best investment!

How can Alpha Repricer help?

Alpha Repricer is the fastest Amazon repricing software that reprices your items for you without asking for much in return! It is a cost-effective solution to all of your issues related to repricing. Our response rate is less than 65 seconds. Plus, we offer different price plans so that you can pay for exactly what you need! Give us a try by signing up for our 14-day free trial and decide for yourself!

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