In recent years the popularity of repricers on Amazon is on the rise due to the increase in competition. In response, new repricing tools are sprouting up like mushrooms. The Amazon apps tab for repricers is cluttered with Amazon repricing software. Amazon sellers need to be cautious when deciding which repricing tool to use. The following pointers can guide you to choose the best Amazon repricer. The repricing tool that can enhance your chance of getting the Buy Box and effectively increase your sales.

1. Does it give continuous and instant repricing?

When a competitor changes its price or gets out of stock, a good repricing tool reacts quickly. Before you invest in a repricer you must confirm that it offers real-time repricing. Some Amazon repricers delay repricing up to an hour. This is considered a long time in e-commerce and may lose you the opportunity of making a sale. Taking instant advantage of price changes and always staying ahead of competitors is the key purpose of real-time repricers. For this reason, it should reprice continuously and instantaneously.

2. Can the repricing software win more Buy Boxes?

Up to 80% of the Amazon purchases are made through the Buy Box. The best thing a repricing tool can do is win more Buy Boxes more often. Being in the Buy Box will give your products more exposure. A repricing tool should be able to compete with the Buy Box price exclusively. And, an efficient Amazon repricing software will also increase your price to optimize your profits.

3. Can it increase your sales?

Instinctively adjusting your prices, within the range you define, gives you the best possible opportunity to sell every time. Rest assured that your repricer tool is doing the work so you don’t have to continuously monitor your rivals. Being in the Buy Box increases the chance of a sale. And adjusting prices in a timely manner also increase sales.

4. Is the repricing software region-limited?

Do you sell in multiple marketplaces like Amazon US, Amazon CA, Amazon UK, etc.? Then you need a repricer that supports multiple marketplaces. It should be able to perform calculations in different currencies. This will give you a viable chance to expand your business without any limitations.

5. No limits on inventory size

Amazon sellers come in all sizes. Likewise, the repricing software should be able to handle repricing for inventory of all sizes. And it should reprice all the inventory continuosly and not parts of it.

6. Can the repricing software perform bulk actions?

One of the key features should be that the repricing tool should help you in minimizing your effort. Regardless of the size of your inventory, the repricer should handle tasks with a click of a button. You should be able to assign rules, add minimum values, start repricing, etc. in bulk.

7. How efficient is the repricing software?

When you link your Amazon repricer to your Amazon account, your listings are automatically imported into the software. Then, the repricer looks at your products and analyzes the offers from all sellers on all listings. Amazon sends in reports of the top 20 competitors on each listing. A good Repricing software usually gives users the options to narrow their competition by only competing with:

  • Specific fulfillment types
  • Buy Box eligible sellers
  • Opponents with a seller rating of a targeted amount
  • Sellers with specific metrics, like handling days, shipping regions

A repricer will receive updates from Amazon when competition changes on a list. An efficient repricing software can react immediately by repricing the items according to the strategy settings.

Alpha Repricer fits the bill

Professional Amazon sellers agree that winning and keeping the buy box at an optimal price is a must. As competitors are continually changing prices, this can only be done by an automated repricer.  So to be successful in your Amazon business, you should consider a repricer tool like  Alpha Repricer. Our repricing is the fast, efficient repricing in the market. We support 15 Amazon marketplaces. Our algorithmic repricing wins the Buy Box more often and then optimizes the price to get higher returns.

Alpha Repricer meets all the requirements of a good repricing tool. Additionally, it is easy on your budget. Our subscriptions start at $25 for 1000 listings. We can handle inventories of all sizes. If you have an inventory of more than 50,000 active listings, please contact us. We will be happy to give you a quote. Visit us at to explore more and register for our 14-day free trial.