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February, 23 2021

How to pick the best Amazon Repricing tool for your business

How to pick the best amazon repricing tool

Most online sellers use Amazon repricing software to stay competitive and maximize their profits. The tool helps to keep your prices dynamic while expanding your market. The perfect repricing solution reacts to price changes and reprices your items several times a day, giving tough competition to other Amazon sellers. There are the basic considerations for choosing the right repricer for you.

What is Amazon repricing software?

An Amazon repricing software automates repricing according to various parameters including maximum and minimum prices.  Automated repricing has become essential among sellers on Amazon by speeding up the process and sparing sellers the time it takes to reprice items manually. The time and energy saved on repricing can then be shifted towards other aspects of a seller’s business such as inventory management or marketing.

Once you select the right repricer all that you have to do is set up your repricing account and link it with your Amazon inventory. The repricing tool then analyses your competitors in the market and begins repricing your products accordingly A good repricing tool allows various strategies, formulas, and rules to be applied to your repricing account. These options give you control over what to reprice, when, and how often among other parameters

Why does your business need an Amazon repricer

Manual repricing can take up a lot of time as it requires you to constantly monitor your items and your competitor’s price changes. Manually tracking price changes, especially with large inventories, can cause you to miss opportunities to get the best price.

An Amazon repricing tool does the work for you in real-time for all of your items! It helps you sell your items at the perfect price, keeping your profit margin in mind and, it is the best way to win the Buy Box.  With a good Amazon repricer, you can have a stress-free repricing experience that will grow your business.

How to choose the best Amazon Repricer for your business?

We are sure that if you are still reading, you have made up your mind to try a repricing tool for your business! However, you need to do your research and choose the perfect one for your business to succeed.

Learn about your business needs and your competitors

Before researching all of the repricing softwares, to take stock of your business and its requirements. Notice your sales rank, sales performance and see how well your products have been doing lately. Take a look at your repricing strategy and notice the weak points that made you shift to an automated repricer. Consider the best repricing strategies and rules for your inventory.

Once you have outlined your business needs, it’s time to analyze your competition. You can’t compete with all of the sellers out there. You need to be very specific and define which sellers are your biggest competition. Make a spreadsheet of your competitors along with their seller feedback, rating, and delivering destinations. 

With this search in mind you will have an easier time determining which repricer tool has the parameters that you need for you to get the best price

It must support the marketplace you want to sell from

Your selling platform must be compatible with the Amazon repricing tool you decide to use. There are many Amazon repricers out there that support all top Amazon marketplaces. However, they must sync in with all the different tools you use, such as calculating software or one to manage your inventory. When all these tools are synced in, they provide you with a less complicated experience.

Don’t waste your money; choose a budget-friendly Amazon repricing tool.

You don’t want to pay extra for something that any other repricer can do more cost-effectively. There are a few amazon repricing tools out there that include additional charges once you have given your payment information. Beware of all the hidden and extra charges! 

Also,  make sure there are different price plans for you to choose from. Different pricing plans allow you to pay for only what you need and what is compatible with your business size.  Don’t fall for repricers that deny you a free trial. Every primary repricing business out there offers a free trial for you to check out their features and see how they work before you sign up. Be sure your repricer of choices has a clearly defined option to leave anytime with no strings attached. 

Your Repricer must be fast enough to acknowledge, respond, and react.

 Your Amazon repricing tool needs to be fast enough to respond to all of the relevant notification received by Amazon of every price change that occurs.  A repricer should react to the email immediately to avoid wasting any amount of time. Different tools do adhere to different frequencies of how often to reprice and item.

How is Alpha Repricer the best choice?

Alpha Repricer offers all of the parameters you could wish for in a repricer tool and within budget. It is the fastest, real-time repricing solution for your listings that help you stay competitive while maintaining your prices to get you the Buy Box! We follow the rule of satisfying our customers by offering a free trial before trusting us with their information. Moreover, we reprice within 2 minutes! That means we respond to every price change as soon as we notice one. Alpha Repricer offers different price plans so you can choose what is most affordable and efficient for you.

For more information, visit our website or contact us! We hope this blog helps you find the perfect Amazon repricer for your business. Happy selling! 

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