As an Amazon seller, it is important to handle the pricing strategies of your products to beat other competitors. The sellers must introduce new products into the market and set their prices accordingly. Basically, a product life cycle is a period of development from its maturity to the declining stage. During this cycle, a product goes through a few phases before it burns out.

The growth of your business entirely depends on your products’ quality and performance. So, it’s necessary to add quality to your products, which will help you to maximize your sales!

Phases of Product Cycle

There are four stages of a product cycle, which makes the product ready and allows it to enter into the market;

·         Adjusting your Pricing strategy

Setting competitive prices of your products is essential for the business to lead and grow. It doesn’t provide any chance to other competitors to come and beat you in the market. Set your prices according to the performance and quality of your products. If you’ve introduced a new product into the market, and you think it’s performing well, so set a high price to increase your sales and growth.

Never set your prices too low because it won’t help you to increase your profit margin. Moreover, it won’t even allow you to recover your R&D costs.

For example: If the product performs very well, and buyers love it, but you are only making $1 from each sale, it may not be worth it. Eventually, it will decline your profits.

On the other side, setting high prices of your products never works the same. Sometimes it creates a negative impact on buyers. So you have to be very careful while setting your prices!

·         The Growth Phase

This is the most influential and important phase of a product life cycle. When a new product is launched into the market, it becomes essential to introduce it efficiently to attract customers and make their purchase easy. In the beginning, the product faces a lot of challenges and competition that ultimately affects its growth in the market.

Before launching a new product into the market, it’s necessary to know what your customers want and how they want their products to be. Moreover, you must know your competitor’s strategies and how they add value to their products that ultimately affect their profit-margin.

·         Maturity Phase

After the growth phase, comes the maturity phase. It is a challenging phase in the product life cycle. A product can face massive competition in the market, and it becomes a difficult task for sellers to increase the sales and profit of their business.

You need to make your products unique by adding value to the products. Attract and gain your customers’ satisfaction by providing them quality-based products, which will also help you grow in the market!

·         Decline Phase

In this phase, the product stops performing well and leaves a negative impact on its customers. The product reaches a stage where it becomes difficult to beat other competitors in the market. The product fails to gain its customers’ satisfaction, which eventually holds back the sales and profit margin!

The declining stage of products compels the sellers to get rid of the products, and they start selling their products at low prices in the market!

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High performance and quality of products take the business to an unexpected level and increase your sales. It is essential to know what your customers want and how you can make your products more attractive to gain customer’s trust and satisfaction by staying competitive in the market!

Besides this, pricing is a significant part of a product development. To stay ahead and beat other competitors in the market, it is necessary to set your products accordingly. Choose the right Amazon repricing tool to set your prices and increase your profit margin in the market!

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