Amazon has set some very strict policies and mentions the mistakes you must avoid while selling on the platform.  However, if you are a beginner on Amazon, you may sometimes bend or break the rules. To detect such violations, Amazon has its TOS (Terms of Service). It takes decisions on whether the Amazon seller has broken the rule, and if you have, you can get in a lot of trouble.

Below are some of the most common Amazon Seller violations reported and actions you can take to avoid them.

1.    Registering for multiple seller accounts

Amazon only allows one Amazon seller account per seller. You cannot operate from multiple seller accounts without getting Amazon’s approval. It is mentioned in their policies that, “Operating and maintaining multiple Seller Central accounts is prohibited. If you have a legitimate business need for a second account, you can apply for an exception to this policy.” (Source:

Avoid operating from multiple seller accounts if there is no legitimate need- it is that simple. Do not create two accounts without Amazon’s permission. Furthermore, you must never let any other seller access their account from your computer to avoid being associated with their account.

2.      Sending Amazon Traffic to your website

Amazon sellers usually make the mistake of including a URL to their website in their product description or seller personal info. You cannot include any personal business name, website link, or other unnecessary information related to your business on Amazon. It is a clear violation of Amazon’s rules. Amazon allows you to sell your items to the most extensive customer base. However, it comes with the cost of not being able to link your website with the page for remarketing.

You can always make good use of your social media accounts or other selling channels to bring traffic to your site. Avoid using Amazon for indirect marketing.

3.      Including any promotional offers in your product title

To make your product page stand out on Amazon, it can be quite appealing to incorporate a discount offer, coupon, or marketing tactic in your product title to attract customers. However, it’s a blatant violation of Amazon’s policy, and the long-term consequences can easily outweigh any short-term gains.

Avoid including any kind of promotional or discount offer in your product title. We understand your concern about making your product title stand out. For that, you can use relevant keywords to get traffic on your product page.

4.      Cross promoting items using descriptions

The product description sectionn is only to provide details of that specific product you are selling, not to advertise other products. You can’t utilize the leftover space to promote any other item you sell, as it is clear Amazon’s policy violation.

If you want to market your products, you can always do that through your social media platforms. Sellers can come up with catchy descriptions and discount offers if you can offer one and advertise on social media! Also, you can add keywords in your product description to make it stand to stay away from promoting your products the unusual way.

5.      Violating Bundle policies

You can’t pack the same products together and call it a bundle. Selling multipacks as bundles is a violation of Amazon’s rules, and your account could be suspended if you continue doing so. Besides, if you are selling a bundle, then the word “bundle” must be included in the title with the number of products in it.

You can simply turn into a creative Amazon seller and sell attractive bundles to get more sales! Sell items in a bundle that go well together and must include each item in the primary image of the bundle. That helps attract customers, and when there’s nothing kept in the dark, they buy it! 

6.      Selling restricted items

Amazon’s policy includes restrictions on selling certain items on the platform. According to Amazon’s policy, “The sale of illegal, unsafe, or other restricted products listed on these pages, including products available only by prescription, is strictly prohibited.” Even if you are an FBA seller, Amazon asks you to go through the FBA product restrictions page to know about the ineligible products.

However, it can be pretty tough to be an Amazon seller, considering all the tasks you need to handle. The list of prohibited products can usually go unseen if you are too busy setting up your seller account. To overcome this issue, sellers can schedule a time once a month or after every 15 days to review Amazon’s rules and guidelines to learn about the changes in restricted product policies. You must keep a check on them before updating your listing.

Suppose you have already got an email from Amazon regarding the sale of prohibited items. In that case, we suggest you remove those products immediately from your page. Also, work on your plan of action as Amazon requires one from you. Must include the measure you are willing to take to prevent this issue from occurring next time.

7.      Selling old items as new ones

Advertising old products as new ones are considered a scam or fraud and are strictly prohibited by Amazon. If an item does not work well, unclean, damaged, or difficult to use, you can’t sell it as a new item. Furthermore, you can’t sell copies or replicas of a branded product, marketing it as an original one.

According to Amazon’s product policy, a new item means it should be with original packaging and warranty. If you want to know more about the category of your products, learn about the guidelines by clicking the link below:

Final thoughts

To be successful on Amazon and avoid suspensions, you must look out for these violations and thoroughly understand all the Amazon policies. Reach out to us and let us know if there’s any other violation you want us to talk about in detail!


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