Selling on Amazon gets tricky, especially when the competition is exceptionally high and you need to stay up-to-date to stay on top. Unlike any typical physical store, your work is not completed after a sale is accomplished. On e-commerce platforms, sellers have to deal with product returns as well. A returned item and a dissatisfied customer can tarnish your reputation and impact your profits. So, what’s the best way to avoid Amazon returns and set yourself apart from the competition?

Customers return your products for various reasons. While you can’t avoid some returns, there are a few ways sellers can minimize their return rate and save themselves from getting in the loop.

Here are a few suggestions for avoiding returns and improving your performance on Amazon.

1.   Top-quality, 360-degree images

While selling on an e-commerce platform, you must keep in mind that customers judge the quality of your products by looking at the visuals. They can’t physically touch and inspect the item, so you need to upload top-quality images to help them make a buying decision. Make sure you provide a 360- degree view of your product to reduce product returns. Give customers useful visual information so that they see precisely what they are about to purchase.

2.   Attractive product description

First, having a detailed product description with all the relevant keywords is excellent for SEO. Second, it helps customers understand your product better to know what they are purchasing. They don’t want to read a product description that is just words without any vital information about the item they see.

Use this chance to mention how your product works, its qualities and why it is essential. Avoid writing a general description and make it product-specific. Add relevant details such as the sizes and colors available, the material used, product warranty, and product dimensions.

3.   Upload videos of your product

Uploading videos is a great way of marketing your products. You can’t go and make the customers try your product, so video marketing feels this gap. The first thing you need to do is get your brand registered on Amazon. Only then can you upload the videos on your product page.

A product video serves as a huge help to make customers know more about your item than just looking at it through images. Video Marketing blends with your product images and description to create a complete visual package for your customers. They can see how it is used, so make sure you keep it short yet informative.

4.   Excellent packaging

You want to give the best shopping experience to your customers, and for that, excellent packaging matters a lot! It can end up making your customers happy and gets your customer loyalty in return. Packaging is not about wrapping your product nicely. It also means you have to make sure your products are in perfect condition and delivered to the customers on time.

Please don’t make the mistake of delivering the wrong item to your customer. They will build a negative opinion regarding your brand, and that can affect your reputation. Follow the packaging standards of Amazon while preparing your orders. This will help you stay accurate and avoid product returns on Amazon.

5.   Deliver products on time!

As mentioned above, delivering products on time to your customers is the key to win their hearts and refrain them from returning the item. Customers don’t like to wait for their products, especially when they’ve already set deadlines. As soon as you receive an order, make sure your item is shipped on time. If the order gets late, the chance of them returning your product increase. If you are an FBA seller on Amazon, you don’t have to worry about shipping your products. However, if you are an FBM seller, you have to ensure your items ship on time and keep track of your orders until they reach your customers.

6.   Provide excellent customer support

Amazon is a customer-friendly platform, which means it will not favor you if you get any product return; however, you can learn from your mistakes and deal with your customers’ issues the smart way! Listen to their problems and provide excellent customer support. Ensure you come out as a friendly seller who listens to its customers’ concerns and works on them.

Sell good quality products, deliver on time, and then leave your customers with the best customer experience! It will help you improve your confidence.

7.   Work on customer feedback and reviews

You must know how to deal with negative feedback and ask for positive ones. Customer reviews can help you improve your customer service and enhance your product quality. Ask customers what issue they faced with the product and if you can solve it. Even if they ask for a refund, contact them to know how you can improve the situation and avoid such mistakes in the future.

It doesn’t harm to get in touch with the customer and leave an email asking for a review. Whether it’s a positive one or critical, feedback always helps you get better!

Final thoughts

Returns are a part of selling on Amazon. However, you can follow the tips above to avoid such product returns and work on your listing to maintain your brand reputation. If you have a high return rate on Amazon, make time to enhance your customer service and solve the issue.

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