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June, 16 2021

Amazon Product Image Requirements and Best Practices

Amazon product image

With the increase in competition on Amazon, it has become challenging for Amazon sellers to stay ahead. Sellers need to be on top of their game in how they craft and present their product listings. Images are a major part of a seller’s brand presence, because they attract customers interested in buying. Thus, using high-quality product images can help you win more customers.

The product image plays the most crucial role in growing your sales and gaining customer’s interest in your eCommerce business. Amazon also knows that product images are important and their effectiveness in marketing. That’s why Amazon has a set of image requirements that must be practiced. It can be challenging for Amazon sellers to meet the precise requirements but it isn’t impossible.

Amazon’s Product Image Requirements

  • The product must cover 85% or more of the image.
  • Images must have a plain white background.
  • Product images must not contain unnecessary things.
  • The product should not be on a mannequin.
  • The images must be at 1000 pixels or larger in width or height to support the zoom function.
  • It is necessary that the product must be clear and visible in the image.
  • Images must be either in JPEG (.jpg) or TIFF (.tif) file formats.
  • The product image must be clear and focused.
  • The images must not contain a model unless the item is apparel-based or an apparel accessory worn by a model.
  • Images must not include the logo, trademarks, or variations similar to Amazon’s logo.
  • No additional objects, graphics, or text are allowed to be used in the image.
Amazon Seller Central
Source: Amazon Seller Central

Best practices that can help you enhance your Amazon product images!

Attractive and relevant product images can grab the attention of customers and help you get more sales. Besides following Amazon’s image requirements, make sure that your product images are attractive and inviting.

Following are the best practices that can help you stand out among other competitors in the market:

·         The image size matters

Image size is one of the essential factors that can engage customers. Small images can often appear pixelated and will also disable the zoom feature on the desktop. Make sure that your images are at 1000 pixels so that they can support the zoom function. However, it is also essential to focus on the image proportions. The proportion ratio recommended by Amazon is 1:1. So, you must adjust your product image accordingly.

·         Use different angles to capture images

Capture the best possible images of your product. Try to cover all the angles of your product and make sure that images are clear and focused. Different angles help you to show various features and characteristics of the products. Clear and focused images can give your customers a better idea of what the product is and what it looks like, as if they were shopping for it in person.

·         Lighting

Lighting is one of the essential factors that can help you present your product better. It’s always better to have a softbox or ring light to handle the lighting of your images rather than being at the mercy of the natural or environmental lighting.

·          High Resolution

In order to make your products stand out, use a professional camera with a high-resolution lens to capture images that don’t have visual artifacts or blur pixelation. Make sure to upload professional images on your product page because the higher the quality of your image, the more you’ll be able to maximize your sales.


It is necessary to make sure that your products are visible to your targeted customers. Professional and high-quality product images increase the chances of your customers making a purchase. The more information and interest your customers gain from your images the more likely you are to gain long-term customers who are satisfied with your brand. . That’s why it is essential for sellers to follow the image requirements set by Amazon.

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