When it comes to Amazon inventory management, Q4 is the busiest time of the year for sellers to benefit from FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon). It begins in October and runs for three months. Running out of stock during this time period can be a nightmare for sellers. That’s why efficient inventory management is essential to maintain your best-selling products in stock at all times and can also help you to avoid overstocking of products.

Amazon is a highly competitive marketplace with millions of sellers vying to stand out from the crowd. Considering how competitive the marketplace can get, a seller along with the use of the best repricer, must ensure they manage their inventory properly. However, it often becomes challenging for sellers to keep adequate inventory to rank higher and get the desired profit.

Sellers need to keep track of their stock levels and IPI scores to perform better in the fourth quarter. Along with that, there are several key factors that sellers must keep in mind if they want to make the most of Q4.

Table of contents:

  1. Why is Amazon inventory management important for sellers?
  2. How to manage Amazon inventory in Q4
  1. Conclusion

Why is Amazon Inventory Management Important for Sellers?

Inventory management in Q4 is critical for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, poor inventory management can have a significant impact on your bottom line. You can fail if you carry too much inventory, and you can also lose the game if you carry too little. However, if you failed to fulfill Amazon’s inventory balance criteria, your seller health, storage and revenues would ultimately get affected, and it would cost you more than what you expected.

An efficient management inventory system can help Amazon sellers with inventory forecasting. By keeping track of the inventory storage levels, it would be easy for sellers to plan for the demand and supply of stock. Moreover, it can also help you prepare for unexpected supply chain issues that can affect the health of your business.

How to Manage Amazon Inventory in Q4

Here are a few things you should keep in mind that will help you manage your Amazon inventory during Q4.

·  Focus on Your IPI Score

The Inventory Success Index, or IPI, is a built-in measure on Amazon that helps sellers keep track of their inventory performance over time. The IPI helps sellers completely understand their inventory’s health, allowing them to be as efficient and lucrative as possible. It has a scale of 0 to 1000- the higher, the better. Sellers must score above 500 before August in order to make their inventory management easier during Q4.

Unfortunately, if you failed to maintain a score above 500 before each quarter, Amazon will start imposing storage limits on your account until you maintain your inventory levels. Make sure you maintain your IPI score during this season to prove that your inventory is well taken care of.

·  Overstocking and Stock-Outs

 When it comes to inventory management, trying to strike the right balance is a difficult task for Amazon sellers. After all, having too little product might result in a stock-out, dissatisfied customers, and significant revenue loss. On the other hand, excess goods might take up your storage space and incur needless expenses.

However, to avoid inventory level issues, use Amazon inventory management software to keep track of your inventory levels at all times. Any efficient software is going to make sure you stock up your inventory on time by giving you calculative insights.

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·   Send the Maximum Amount of Inventory to FBA

In Q4, it takes more time to process an FBA shipment inventory after being shipped to an FBA center. To avoid any issues, make sure to send your inventory to the Amazon fulfillment center before Q4 so that things may get easy and convenient for you and your customers.

Check your inventory limitations if you are using FBA. According to current Amazon’s policy, they have shipping limitations. Log in to your account. Navigate to inventory> Inventory Planning > Restock inventory to determine how much you may send to the Amazon warehouse.

·  Keep Your Pricing Strategy Strong!

Strong pricing strategies for your inventory can help you achieve more sales and get at the top of the pile. The pricing strategy must provide sustainable margins, so you don’t end up with excess Inventory after Q4. Also, avoid lowering your prices during q4 because when supply will go down on the Amazon website, it will cause prices to go high, and you may achieve a good profit margin for your inventory.

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·   Use Amazon Inventory Software

Amazon inventory management software is a computerized system that saves relevant information about items and supplies, allowing for real-time monitoring of stock levels and shipping requests. This software uses barcode technology to track items in order to enhance productivity. If you want to be successful with Amazon inventory management, you will require inventory management software. You may utilize digital technologies to ensure an accurate inventory count, avoid overstocks and sellouts, manage listings, set pricing, and use data about your stock and stay competitive. When handled appropriately, this software may help you to avoid money loss and perform efficiently.


Inventory management for Amazon sellers during each quarter is an essential component for running a profitable Amazon business. It reduces your chances of experiencing two major profit killers: losing sales due to being out of stock and incurring costly storage expenses due to overstocking. Use different Amazon inventory software and pricing strategies to gain high-profit margins during this time period of the year.

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