Shoppers hate it when sellers run out of stock on Amazon. However, it leaves sellers pretty irritated as well. Consumers cannot buy what they need and must look out for alternative options, while sellers lose their sales and their visibility on the platform is reduced.

To prevent you from facing this issue, Alpha Repricer – the best Amazon repricing tool, has listed the top strategies you can apply if you are about to run out of stock on Amazon.

Pick up your phone and order more inventory!

If you run out of stock, the first thing you need to do is order more stock. Restocking your inventory is going to save you from making your customers unhappy. Besides, not ordering on time can make you lose your sales, and you won’t compete for the Buy Box. You can also get suspended if you promote your products when you don’t have them in stock.

Sometimes the suppliers might charge you an extra fee for rushing the inventory process if you run out of stock sooner than the expected time. Moreover, sometimes your suppliers fail to deliver your inventory before the scheduled time, and for that, you must have a plan B.

Have your inventory in hand for emergencies

If you’ve been on the verge of running out before, you might be on the verge of running out again. To avoid paying extra fees to your suppliers, keep some emergency stock in hand to deal with the situation. The best way to know how much emergency inventory you need is to determine the number of orders you usually sell. Or else order 500 to 1000 extra units if your sales are going great!

Stop promoting your products for a while

If you are running an ad campaign for your product that just went out of stock, we’d suggest you pause your promotions till you restock your inventory. Once you replenish your stock, you can start advertising your products again!

Go on a Holiday!

Well, we don’t mean it literally. But there is an option you will find under “store settings” when you go to your seller account settings. You can click on the option of “Start Your Holiday” that is going to disappear your listings for 36 hours from Amazon! Once you manage to get your inventory back, you can select “End your Holiday” and then start selling!

Let Buyers know when they can come back!

Edit your product listing and alter the production time to let the buyers know when they can expect to get their product. You might have to pause all the work for one or two days, depending on your suppliers and the stock left. However, just make sure you know to enter the accurate date of when the buyers can return. Plus, buyers won’t always notice your production time and can be disappointed, so we can’t be sure if the strategy will work well most of the time!

Set your SKU’s to Zero

You can also prepare a list of the SKU’s you are short with and then enter them in the Price and Quantity column that you will find within the SKU settings. Set the number of your products to zero, then save the changes and upload them. This will display to shoppers that these specific SKUs are not available since the quantity is zero, and you can quickly fulfill your pending orders while you wait for more products to arrive.

Always get the best Inventory Management System!

Selling on Amazon and dealing with the most extensive customer base is not an easy task. You always have to stay alarmed about the quantity of your inventory to keep serving customers. Get a better management system for your inventory so that you remain updated about your stock. An inventory management system will let you know when you need to restock your items so that you don’t miss out on sales. If you are a seller selling without an inventory management system, get one so that you stay away from the trouble!

Final Thoughts

The best way to deal with your inventory running out is to increase the prices of your inventory. That way, you won’t get sold out and will get enough time to restock your products.

Well, not to brag, but getting an Amazon repricing tool can save you from worrying about your competitors raising their product prices while you have minimum inventory left. Alpha Repricer – the best Amazon repricing tool will keep your prices attractive and make intelligent decisions when you are running out of stock.

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