Amid Amazon’s continual expansion of its product and service offerings, it’s concurrently opening new avenues for sellers within its marketplaces. A notable recent development in the UK is the introduction of Heavy and Bulky Fulfillment by Amazon. This enhancement allows UK sellers with larger products, within specified weight and dimension limits, to utilize Fulfillment by Amazon services. Although Heavy and Bulky FBA entails higher fees compared to standard FBA, strategic research and planning can transform this option into a profitable opportunity.

Our comprehensive overview covers everything you need to know about the latest expansion of Heavy and Bulky Fulfillment by Amazon in the UK.

Table of Contents:

  1. Benefits of FBA
  2. Understanding the Cost Increase
  3. Weight and dimension requirements to qualify
  4. Heavy and Bulky FBA is available in a few other marketplaces
  5. Conclusion

What are the benefits of FBA?

One of the biggest advantages of FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) is that they store products for third-party sellers on their platforms. Storing products with Amazon then also affords sellers security of their items. This is a big step up from storing items in one’s own garage. Amazon has developed its logistics and infrastructure to allow for fast shipping, easy returns, and quality customer services. With FBA, third-party sellers can also benefit from these services provided by Amazon on their behalf. 

For a fee, FBA can cut the amount of work sellers struggle with, to store, package, and ship their items. Not to mention there is a massive reduction in customer service duties. With the efficiency of Amazon’s shipping system sellers can also prevent poor reviews due to failed or delayed delivery.

Now UK sellers with larger items can enjoy these benefits. Storing bulky items can be a nightmare and with Heavy and Bulky FBA sellers can rest a little easier. Amazon also states that this service will “customers with speed and convenience.”

Heavy and Bulky FBA Fees: Understanding the Cost Increase

Regular FBA fees vary by the size and weight of each item, duration of storage, sales fulfilled, and other factors. The basic fees are storage fees and fulfillment fees. Storage fees are on a monthly basis as long as a seller has items stored with Amazon. Fulfillment fees are charged to sellers upon sale, packaging, and shipment of each item.

With Heavy and Bulky FBA, UK sellers will have an additional fee. As stated by Amazon and according to our expertise: “Sellers will pay a minimum referral fee of £15/€15 for each item sold via Heavy and bulky FBA, in addition to FBA fees.”

Weight and dimension requirements to qualify

Sellers in the UK will have to meet weight and dimension requirements to enroll in the Heavy and Bulky FBA program. The length of the items must be between 175cm to 300cm and the weight must be between 31.5kg and Max: 140kg. There is also a minimum girth requirement of 360 cm.

Speaking as an authority, it may be time for UK sellers of larger items to expand their trade in the Amazon marketplace. Some categories of the items that may qualify for Heavy and Bulky FBA in the UK are home appliances and furniture.

With the expansion of items that qualify for FBA, more sellers will be able to attract customers on Amazon and expand their business. Amazon is definitely no longer just a marketplace for electronics, clothes, and small homegoods.   

Heavy and Bulky FBA is available in a few other marketplaces

At the same time Amazon launched its Heavy and Bulky FBA program in the UK, it also debuted similar programs in France, Spain, Germany, and Italy. As far as we know, the weight and dimension requirements vary in the other countries so sellers should check out Amazon seller central for further information. Any sellers wishing to ship heavy and bulky items in the UK or other marketplaces with Heavy and Bulky FBA must ship their products to each country’s fulfillment center. This program is only available on a domestic level in each country.

In conclusion,

With Amazon expanding as a retailer and as a platform for sellers, anyone selling anything should be aware of new developments. Heavy and Bulky FBA in the UK is a great opportunity for anyone selling large items in the United Kingdom. 

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