Embracing digital tools is pivotal for outpacing competitors and expanding your presence on Amazon. Leveraging advanced technology like an Amazon scanner facilitates streamlining, data collection, and forecasting, empowering you to manage business operations with greater efficiency.

let us tell you about the Amazon scanner and how it can be a game-changer for your business. Embracing technology that streamlines your operations is essential, and an Amazon scanner is precisely the tool you need.

  1. Learn more about an Amazon Scanner
  2. How does an Amazon FBA scanner help in retail arbitrage?
  3. How to find the perfect Amazon FBA scanner for your business?
    1. Amazon Seller App
    2. Scoutify
    3. Profit Bandit

Learn more about an Amazon FBA scanner

Amazon FBA scanner is an app for your smartphone many Amazon sellers use. It helps collect quantitative information about a product once you scan the barcode of that specific item. You can easily retrieve the products’ prices and profitability. You can also collect data regarding your seller rank, and if you are permitted to sell a particular item.

You can easily scan product barcodes by using the camera of your smartphone. Precisely, an Amazon scanner app helps sellers in making decisions quickly. You can easily get the necessary details about a product that you want to buy or sell. It helps you stay accurate and make decisions without digging for information.

How does an Amazon FBA scanner help in retail arbitrage?

Retail arbitrage means reselling a product on Amazon. Sellers buy a product at a cheaper rate from one market and then resell it at a profit on a different platform. The same process when done through websites; is known as online arbitrage.

A third-party seller can use an Amazon FBA Scanner to get a hold of real-time data of all the products before deciding to buy for resale. It assists the resellers in making quick decisions after getting information regarding the ranking of the product, pricing, and profit margin. You can also compare the items and decide which one suits your business more!

However, warning you as a fellow seller: you must be aware of all the legalities before using an Amazon scanner. Once you understand all the laws and what you can do, using a scanner can be very profitable for your retail business.

How to find the perfect Amazon FBA scanner for your business?

Here are the top three Amazon FBA scanner apps that you can consider to fulfill your business needs!  You can visit their sites and evaluate which one is the perfect one for you!

1.      Amazon Seller App:

Amazon Seller is the first one on our list. When you scan the product barcode, you get the following information through this app:

  • Accurate price of the product and all the extra charges
  • Estimated profit margin
  • Details regarding any business offering the product at the lowest price
  • How many sellers are selling the product at the moment?
  • Amazon Inventory of the product
  • Information on the seller with the Best Sellers Rank
  • Shipments, sales performance, and balance.
  • Whether or not you are eligible to sell the product.

The app also manages your prices and inventory. Individual, as well as Professional plan sellers, can download and use the Amazon seller app easily. They have great customer service and also give you access to the Seller support. The best part about the app is that it is for FREE!

However, you can’t see the taxes included in the product, so you cannot calculate the exact profitability. Plus, you can only use it to compare prices of products on Amazon. The app doesn’t provide product prices on Google, Keepa, eBay, or other major platforms.

2.      Scoutify

Scoutify is an Amazon FBA Scanner app that does support third-party platforms such as Keepa. It can scan products with Bluetooth, and you have access to the Inventory Lab that provides management tools for sourcing, bookkeeping, and reports. Scoutify provides results with the taxes included in prices so that you know the exact ROI. It scans your products and keeps adding them to your shopping cart while you continue scanning. The app also informs you if the product fits your business and gives you a heads up if you can buy it!

The drawback according to us is that the app is mostly useful for sellers selling products in large volumes. It is therefore available for sellers signed up for the Amazon Professional selling plan. It also charges you $49 per month and $480 if you sign up for the annual use.

3.      Profit Bandit

This Amazon FBA Scanner app allows you to determine the exact profits after evaluating the fifteen factors of fulfillment. It also shows the seller that has the Buy Box. You can also find out if your competition is with Amazon.

It costs you $9.99 per month, which is quite affordable! However, what we have noticed is, it doesn’t show the sales ranking.

Final words,

Investing in an Amazon FBA scanner is undoubtedly the wisest decision when sourcing products for resale. With this tool, you gain access to accurate product information, empowering you to make informed decisions swiftly.

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