The Amazon Featured Offer is a coveted price among Amazon sellers, which serves as a gateway to maximum sales and hefty profits on the platform. As somebody having relevant experience regarding selling on Amazon, I understand the fierce competition that you have to face to secure this prime spot. According to my experience, winning the Amazon Featured Offer is not merely about offering a product, it’s about following the set of criteria given by Amazon’s algorithm.

However, it isn’t as easy to follow and meet the Amazon criteria for the Featured Offer, and there are quite a few factors that Amazon notices before assigning the Featured Offer to the sellers. It is a hard-earned reward and you must tick all the boxes to get it.

Don’t worry though, Let me help! Here is everything that has an impact on the Featured Offer:

Table of contents:

  1. Fulfillment
  2. Product price
  3. Perfect Order Rate
  4. Time of the delivery
  5. Order defect rate
  6. Feedback
  7. On-time delivery percentage
  8. Percentage of late shipment
  9. Response time
  10. Valid tracking rate
  11. Cancellation rate
  12. Refund rate
  13. Conclusion

1.  Fulfillment

Priority: Extremely High

In my opinion, having an FBA account gives sellers a significant advantage. Amazon prefers sellers with an FBA account or Seller Fulfilled Prime. Therefore, If you are an FBM seller then I highly recommend considering the switch to FBA if you really want to win the Featured Offer. Amazon wouldn’t prefer you if you’ve got an FBA seller competing against you for the Featured Offer.

2.  Product Price

Priority: High

After the delivery system, product price is the second most important factor to ace if you want to get your hands on the Amazon Featured Offer. The price of the product with its shipping must be competitive to give a tough time to other sellers. It isn’t exactly necessary to have the lowest product prices to win the Featured Offer, but you must bring your prices down and raise them after analyzing the situation. It is better to not do it yourself though. Get an Amazon repricing tool to help you keep your product prices competitive. A repricer knows when to bring your prices down and when to increase them. The lower the price, the better. Make sure that the sale price of the product plus the cost of its shipping should be less than other competitors.

3.  Perfect Order Rate

Priority: High

Speaking from experience, you must not take this for granted and keep it above 97%. If you fail to keep it above the performance threshold, Amazon can temporarily suspend your account or remove it permanently. Your orders have to be damage free, complete, and on time.The algorithm takes your performance for the last 90 days into account and judges you based on that.

4.  Time Of The Delivery

Priority: High

The ideal time, according to Amazon, for delivering your products to the customers, is up to 2 days. It is crucial to work on your delivery time so that your customers get their orders as soon as possible and you make your way into the good books of Amazon.  

5.  Order Defect Rate

Priority: Medium

The Order Defect Rate is a critical indicator of your ability to deliver the best customer experience. The ODR shows the percentage of orders where you provided poor customer service during a 90-day time period. Your ODR has to be below 1% if you want to compete for the Featured Offer.

6.  Feedback

Priority: Medium

Get as many as you can! The higher the amount of feedback, the better. Amazon sellers should definitely work on collecting reviews from their customers if they want to become the top seller on Amazon. They are not only important to win the Buy Box, but also to maintain your reputation and build trust. Amazon’s algorithm checks if customers enjoy your products before rewarding you with the Buy Box.

7.  On-Time Delivery Percentage

Priority: Medium

The on-time delivery percentage should be above 97%, which means that you have to make sure that all the orders were delivered on time, and without any damage.

8.  Percentage Of Late Shipment

Priority: Medium

As mentioned above, delivering on time is crucial for winning the Featured Offer. This means that the percentage of orders that were shipped late should not be more than 4%. It has to be low enough to satisfy Amazon’s algorithm.

9.  Response Time

Priority: Medium

How long does it take for you to respond back to your customers? Well, it might not matter to you but it does matter to Amazon. You must get back to your customers within 12 hours and solve the issues they are dealing with. As i have learned, these factors contribute in building trust with customers and show them how reliable you are; thereby getting you closer to the Featured Offer.

10. Valid Tracking Rate

Priority: Medium

Valid Tracking Rate is a key metric to show how often sellers use valid tracking information for the orders. Your shipped packages must contain tracking numbers for the ease of the customers.

11. Cancellation Rate

Priority: Low

It is the number of orders canceled by the seller himself. The percentage should be lower than 2.5% so that it doesn’t present you as an unreliable seller.

12. Refund Rate

Priority: Low

It is the percentage of the customers who ask for a refund. It can be due to multiple reasons. For instance, the order wasn’t of the right quality, damaged, or not delivered on time. Whatever the reason might be, the refund request rate has to be lower for you to compete for the Buy Box.

In Conclusion,

You either get maximum sales on Amazon due to the Buy Box or lose sales if anybody else wins it instead of you. If you are going to compete for the Featured Offer then you have to make sure you have the best product, at the best price, and with lesser complaints. By focusing on factors such as performance, fulfillment, delivery, customer service, and pricing, sellers can easily enhance their chances of winning the Featured offer and enjoying the rewards it offers.


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