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January, 13 2021

All You Need to Know About Amazon BSR

All you need to know about Amazon BSR

What is BSR or best seller rank?

Amazon BSR, the Amazon best seller rank, is a numbered ranking assigned by Amazon to every item. BSR is an excellent indicator of how significantly an item has been selling on Amazon. It ranges from 1 to more than 1 million. The items with high sales have mostly low best seller rank. while low sales have high BSR. So basically, the lower the BSR number of an item means it is an item that sells favorably. And conversely, the higher number stands for slow sales.

For example, if an item has a position at number 6 it has achieved more significant sales than an item graded at number 205. However, it’s necessary to understand if the best seller rank of an object is low, it doesn’t represent how good that product is selling compared to other similar products, only its all-around position.

To find the seller rank open any listing and scroll down. You will find the ranking of that listing in the main category and its sub-category. The Monopoly game shown below ranks #46 in Toys and Games while it ranks higher at #5 in Board Games category under Toys and Games.

Monopoly a classic board game has a decent BSR
An ASIN can have different BSR or bes t seller ranking, in categories and sub-categories.
An ASIN can have different BSR in categories and sub-categories

How is the Amazon Best Seller Rank calculated?

Many factors affect and contribute to the Amazon BSR of your item.

  1. Current and historical sales.
  2. Similar competitive items.
  3. Change in price, including promotions and sales.

Amazon’s best seller rank is updated every hour on Amazon.

What is a good Amazon BSR?

BSR of Amazon isn’t easy to understand. Because the BSR’s of Amazon ASINs vary throughout each category. An Amazon BSR of 900 might have a good ranking in the supplies category. That same grading of 900 in the DIY class could be unacceptable, and this can be due to the slower selling items on Amazon.

Steps you can take to improve BSR of your ASIN

Look into optimizing your listings. Here are some tips to increase your BSR on Amazon.

1. Improve Your Amazon Product Title

Your product title must exactly show what your product is, and it should also include relevant keywords. It must look attractive to buyers.

2. Make Strong Bullet Points

You should add the advantages and main features of your item in bullet points. Keep your bullet points informative and precise so that it hooks your reader quickly.

3. Use Different Product Images

You must choose high-quality images that make your item unique from your competitors. Impress your potential buyers by choosing HD images. Take good pictures of your item from different angles to show more detail.

4. Utilize Amazon FBA And Prime

Amazon favors sellers who use their services. And obviously, you’ll get the opportunity to offer Prime on your listings.

Most buyers love quick service and the loyalty that comes with FBA and Prime. So this can help you increase your sales and your Amazon BSR.

5. Be Competitive On Price

Finally, price is an essential factor when it comes to winning the buy box. So it is necessary to set your prices accurately. Use the best Amazon repricing software to remain competitive in the market.

In Conclusion

Improving the seller rank can bring up your item in a buyer’s search. Looking from another angle, a seller rank can be helpful in finding winning products to sell. In this way, you can benefit from other sellers’ efforts to bring up the ranks of an ASIN. Whether you increase the BSR of your item or source items that already have a better rank, your business will benefit. In either case, your ASINs should end up being more profitable. It will help your product to achieve rank and become the number one selling product, which will positively affect your Amazon business’s growth.

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