It gets pretty challenging to figure out what to sell on Amazon- especially when you’ve got so many product categories to choose from. When you join the platform as a beginner, all you can think about is earning profit. That being said, you’d want to select the top-selling products that customers buy to start earning revenue.

Amazon offers 33 product categories, so it gets pretty tricky to research and know exactly where you want to start from. Being an Amazon Repricing tool, we know precisely which product categories stay on top throughout the year and have the highest competition possible!

Let’s have a look!


Amazon was launched to sell books, and the sales don’t seem to come down at all! They are one of the most popular product categories- especially all sorts of adventure novels!

All you need to do is research about the books in demand and pick them up for a small amount of money. You can go ahead and sell them on Amazon for double the original price!  If you aim to increase your profit and keep that cash coming, you should look forward to marketing books in your store!

 It might help to know that usually fiction, literature, adventure, and children’s books are the top ones to get sold out first!

Electronic products as one of the top product categories

Look around you! People are always on their smart devices, shopping online, or searching for cool products to get! This massive evolution in technology leads these companies to launch advanced electronic items for their customers each month. Being an Amazon Repricing software, usually, sellers come to us to reprice their listings that are mostly related to electronics! Probably because of the crazy competition going on.

However, the best part about selling electronic items on Amazon is that it charges about 8% commission, which is less than 15% of the standard commission. You can sell a wide variety of advanced electronic devices as people love to get tech-savvy!

This product category can have electronic devices from random gadgets to wires, audio, video devices, and electronic vehicles or stuff related to them!

Who doesn’t love toys and games?

We do believe that there is no age to play with toys and enjoy games. Many people think the same, as games and toys are among the top-selling product categories throughout the year! 

Whether the games and toys are for educational purposes or related to Disney movies, it is a massive business for Amazon. People love ordering toys for birthdays, holidays, or even Christmas! They are the perfect gift for children, alongside their family to enjoy.

To sell games and toys on Amazon, you have to look out for all the cool toys, gadgets, and games appealing to the kids and their family members. Once you get into selling them, you can count on sales throughout the year.

Statista, a provider of market and consumer data, reports “dollar sales of toys have maintained double-digit growth since the outbreak of coronavirus in the United States in March 2020”. Globally the toys market is worth $90.7 billion US dollars. The United States alone holds more than 25% of the market revenues at $25.5 billion USD. Yes, it is a big market.

Apparel, shoes, and jewelry

Not every customer needs a branded shirt to wear; most shoppers usually go for affordable clothes and shoes. They come looking for comfy yet pocket-friendly clothes on Amazon. It is a very safe category to go with, and you can sell a variety of clothes and shoes online. Besides, the most consistent product category is jewelry. They never go out of demand, and customers always want more. You can easily earn a profit if you sell it the right way and choose the correct audience to serve.

Pro tip: It is all about staying up-to-date and following the trends! Whether you decide to sell clothes or jewelry, make sure you offer unique and trendy apparel and jewelry. Follow the top Instagram influencers or clothing brands and make notes on their top-selling clothing or jewelry item.

Stuff for the babies!

The population keeps increasing, and as long as it does, you will require things for the newborns. Besides, the amount of things you need for newborn babies is insane. They keep on growing, and also their requirements increase with their size. To keep up, people tend to buy many things for babies. The advantage of selling products for babies is that they are always wanted, and customers tend to purchase expensive baby items too!

Why do you need an Amazon Repricing tool to keep up?

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