Win the Buy Box This Amazon Prime Day with Alpha Repricer

Amazon Prime Day 2021- win the Buy Box this Amazon Prime Day with Alpha Repricer

Amazon Prime Day is one of the most important shopping days for Amazon Prime shoppers to get outstanding deals and discounts! This year, Amazon Prime Day is ready to return to its previous summer schedule, with the rumors it will occur in June. So, here’s what you need to know about Amazon Prime Day and how to increase your sales with our Buy Box Hunter this year!

What is Amazon Prime Day?

Amazon Prime Day-

Amazon Prime Day is known as the most extensive sales event that occurs every year! Shoppers get approximately 48 hours of amazing deals and discounts on many items. Similarly, sellers get a fantastic opportunity to sell more and increase their profits. Every Amazon seller looks forward to these two days and starts preparing themselves months before to handle the crowd. As fun as it is for shoppers, sellers might get overloaded with the burden.

When is Amazon Prime Day this year?

Amazon hasn’t confirmed the exact date for Prime Day 2021. The platform usually keeps the information under cover until the last weeks before the big event! However, it is expected to fall in the middle or end of June. The confirmation of the event happening in June came from Brian Olsavsky, the CFO of Amazon. He reported that the event would occur in June instead of July to get maximum customer attention to benefit the sellers.

Naturally, any date in the middle is better than delaying it, just like Amazon Prime Day 2020, which was repeatedly postponed due to the pandemic situation until Amazon eventually held it in October 2020. Sellers must start prepping for the event in advance, and for that, we are here with some tips to help you score most of the sales this year!


1.      Do your homework and prepare beforehand!

The first thing you’d want to do is research the top product to sell this Amazon Prime Day! Make sure you research the products that are trendy and popular. You want to earn more, and choosing the right products to sell is the key to do so!

Apart from that, start advertising beforehand. Let your customers know that you offer top-quality products and amazing deals. Come up with creative content and start promoting on all social media platforms. Get your customers ready to take advantage of all the deals you are going to offer! Run social media campaigns and bring traffic to your site.

2.      Make sure you have inventory in stock!

After researching about the product and finding the right source to get it from, make sure you order enough volume to fulfill each demand that comes your way. Stock your inventory in advance so that it lasts throughout the event. You wouldn’t want your customers to be disappointed in you, so ensure your inventory management is on point!

3.      Fulfill the orders on time!

The last this you want to do is make your customers wait! Amazon Prime Day 2021 is known for its fast shipping so make sure you provide just that! If you manage orders on your own, then make sure you have enough manpower and resources to make it work. It is not an easy task to handle Amazon Prime Day volumes on your own.

4.      Promote the cool way!

Stand out from the crowd! Make sure your offers are different from others. Generate innovative ideas, come up with creative content, and set your promotions apart. If you can, then offer free shipping to your customers. You can offer a gift with your products or a buy one get one free deal.

5.      Keep your prices competitive.

Even when you apply all the tips mentioned above, do not forget to keep your prices competitive! Competitive pricing on Amazon is essential if you want to stay on top. There are going to be thousands of sellers competing against you to be on top of the list. You should not let this happen! Manual repricing is not going to work when price changes are occurring every single minute.

To keep up with all the price changes on the market, get an Amazon repricing tool! Alpha Repricer- the fastest Automated repricing tool helps you stay competitive by reacting to each price change and repricing in under 2 minutes! We also have our Buy Box Hunter that lets you win the Buy Box and attain it at the highest price possible!

Win the Amazon Buy Box this Amazon Prime Day to drive in more sales!

Winning the Buy Box on Amazon means more sales! You stand out from your competition when you have Amazon Buy Box right there on your product page, clearly visible to your customers. Approximately 80% of the sales go to the sellers having Amazon Buy Box since buyers trust them. Alpha Repricer- the fastest Amazon Repricer helps you keep your prices competitive, and our Buy Box hunter gets you the Buy Box every time! Once you win the Buy Box, we keep it at a higher price so that your competition can’t take it from you!

Amazon Prime Day 2021- Win the Amazon Buy Box this Prime Day with Alpha Repricer

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