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May, 5 2021

Why Your Amazon Listing is Missing the Buy Box and How to Win It.

Amazon Buy Box

Being an Amazon seller, you must know how important it is to win the Buy Box and get more sales. The Amazon Buy Box helps you achieve a profit in a short time. It also increases your seller’s ranking on Amazon so more buyers notice you. Moreover, the Buy Box helps you gain customer trust bringing them back to buy from you again. All these benefits can set you up to grow a good profit margin.

However, winning the Buy Box is not as simple as it seems. It needs constant efforts, and it becomes challenging to cover all the areas of your business. Moreover, there are plenty of reasons you may be missing the Buy Box on your Amazon listings. Not being in the Buy Box may hold back your sales and profit in the long run.

What is the Amazon Buy Box?

The Amazon Buy Box is found on the right side of a product detail page. It is the boxed section featuring purchasing methods for the customers. The customers add the products into their cart by using the Buy Box.

Amazon Buy Box
The coveted Buy Box is where most sales happen

(Source: One box hub)

Having the Buy Box means you are the preferred seller for a product which helps increase your overall sales. Amazon doesn’t give the opportunity to every seller to win the Buy Box. Only those sellers can win the Buy Box who meet specific criteria such as Professional Seller status and meeting certain performance metrics.

 “82% of the sales on Amazon are achieved by using the Buy Box.”

(Source: data feed

Reasons for a missing Buy Box on your Amazon listings

Let’s have a look at the major reasons for a missing Buy Box on your Amazon listings.

Amazon Buy Box
What factors keep you away from winning the Buy Box?

·         You are not Prime Eligible

It becomes difficult for sellers to win the Buy Box if their products are not Prime eligible. Amazon features Prime products more prominently than non-Prime products. This means non-Prime products will not come up in buyers’ searches for similar products. Until you rank high enough in searches you cannot meet the sales requirements for being Buy Box eligible. If your Buy Box is missing then you may not be meeting Prime eligibility standards based on shipping, inventory, and other criteria.

·         Getting Out of stock

One of the main reasons for losing the Buy Box is running out of your items. A key requirement for maintaining the Buy Box is to have a reliable inventory. Amazon will not feature any products in the Boy Box which have run out. You cannot expect your product to be featured in the Buy Box if you don’t have anything left to deliver to Amazon customers! If you do not want to lose the Buy Box, keep your products in stock.

·         Negative Reviews

When an Amazon seller has performance issues, their seller ratings drop by 90%. This highly affects the opportunity to win the Buy Box and get more sales. If you are a new seller, make sure to keep track of your performance because negative reviews or bad customer service will make it difficult to be Buy Box eligible. Poor reviews will cause you to tumble down in ranks and not be visible to buyers. Do everything you can to avoid negative reviews in the first place. Make sure your products are well stocked, delivered on time, and are in the best condition. Happy customers means happy reviews!

·         The item is cheaper on another site

When another site offers your product at a lower price, Amazon will not feature your product in the Buy Box. While this is not always the case it may be tricky to overcome this issue. You may have to research other products that will not give you this problem. Always research the market thoroughly when deciding what to sell. Do not just research how your products sell on Amazon but also on other sites such as Walmart.

Important things that can help you to win the Amazon Buy Box

Amazon Buy Box
What are the things that help you beat your competition and win the Buy Box!

It becomes tricky to win the Buy Box when many other sellers are competing against you. However, there are some tips to win the Buy Box and maximize your sales on Amazon.

·         Be a Prime seller

It becomes challenging for non-Prime sellers to win the Buy Box and increase their seller’s ranking. Amazon prefers Prime eligible products to be eligible for the Buy Box as many of the criteria are similar. Sellers who use Fulfillment by Amazon are already qualified to sell as Prime sellers on Amazon because inventory and shipping are guaranteed.

” Amazon has more than 200 million Prime members globally.”


 It is very beneficial to be an Amazon Prime seller to improve your seller’s ranking and win the Buy Box.

·   Fast shipping can help you win the Buy Box!

Fast shipping grabs the attention of your customers and helps them to trust your brand. Fast shipping leaves a positive image in the minds of targeted customers and helps you gain more sales. You can surely be at the top if you deliver your products on time.

“70% of the U.S consumers purchase their goods from the sites that provides fast delivery options.” (Source:

List accurate shipping times on your product page so customers know when the will exactly receive their products.

·         Switch to Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA is the efficient way to win the Buy Box. People trust Amazon FBA due to its high-quality services and fast shipping. FBA sellers are more likely to increase their sales and win the Buy Box than other members.

“73% of the Amazon U.S sellers use FBA.” (Source: blog.viral)

Amazon FBA sellers have almost everything that is required to win the Buy Box. If you are not an FBA seller, then this might be the right time for you to become an Amazon FBA seller!

·         Keep your Prices Competitive 24/7

A good pricing strategy is what keeps the customers purchasing. It is necessary to keep your prices competitive to win the Buy Box. Offer your products at affordable rates to stay ahead of your competitors. If you set your prices within Buy Box parameters you have a better chance of winning and keeping it. This will help you rank on top, get noticed by customers, and grow your profit.

Moreover, it is good to use automated repricing software to set the prices of your products on Amazon. It will help you keep up with the competition and stay in the market for a good while.

How Alpha Repricer can help you win the Buy Box and stay ahead!

Alpha Repricer is the best Amazon repricer that immediately responds to each price change that occurs and always helps you stay on top. We have the fastest and efficient repricing in the market. We provide our services in 16 Amazon marketplaces. Our algorithmic repricing helps the sellers to win the Buy Box and then optimizes their price to get more sales and profit.

At Alpha Repricer, the fastest Amazon repricing tool, we offer continuous and real-time repricing at affordable rates. Most importantly, we provide you an opportunity to win the Buy Box, which is essential to help you grow your business.

Amazon Buy Box
The competition is tough, automate your repricing.

Are you still waiting? Sign up now for our free 14-day trial and let our repricing tool take care of your business!

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