Financial success and growth in the online selling world are almost always underlined by two key factors: pricing and customer support. The internet is filled with countless blogs and articles highlighting the importance of free delivery and returns, quality customer support, and maintaining 5-star seller ratings with regard to sales. While all of this is true, there is no doubt that the single greatest factor for pulling in sales remains product pricing.

Given how quickly prices tend to fluctuate on Amazon, it’s virtually impossible to remain competitive by manually adjusting prices. The issue becomes even more complicated with seller central accounts maintaining hundreds and sometimes thousands of listings. The optimal way to resolve such a problem is to automate prices via the use of a reputable Amazon repricer.

If you don’t know what a repricer is or do know but are uncertain about which repricer to buy then you’ve come to the right place!

In this blog, we’ll go over some of the best repricing tools that promise to deliver the most bang for your buck.

What is an Amazon Repricer?

Simply put, an Amazon repricer automatically adjusts prices based on parameters and rules set by the user. The software optimizes your listings and ensures that your product price remains competitive. It also means that your products’ prices will remain slightly lower than your competitors—a crucial factor that determines which seller wins the buy box—without dipping below a price point that compromises your profits.

Not all Repricers are Created Equal

As more and more sellers became aware of the importance of repricing, numerous repricing tools have become available started to appear in the market. However, not all repricers are created equal. They differ in terms of the user interface, customer support, marketplace functionality, and a host of other factors. Some repricers have a longer trial period whereas others might offer a higher degree of customization. 

Points to Consider

There is a new repricer coming into market almost every day. So, it can be confusing to figure out which one is the best for you. It really helps to consider a few pain points to sift through the slogans to come up with the winner.

Profitability: Does the repricer increase your sales and profits? Any tool that sellers buy is for the specific reason of increasing profit. A repricer, especially, should increase your profits.

Reliability: The Amazon repricing software should work exactly according to your parameters. The system should be robust and perform with speed. It should never sell below the minimum price.

Continuous Speed: Yes, speed is of the essence. Prices on Amazon do not change on a schedule or with alerts. There is no telling when a competitor may drop the price or drop out for that matter. A repricer should continuously ‘watch’ the market and react immediately to any change. 

Intelligent: There has been a lot of hype about intelligent repricers and the misconception is that AI is Yoda-like wisdom that only expensive repricers have. Again be wary of the marketing language.

Flexibility: How customizable is the repricer? Not all businesses are alike. A repricer should be able to handle the diversity of Amazon sellers whether large or small, general or niched.

Analytics: Businesses need data to make intelligent decisions. Any good repricer should provide analytics that can be downloaded to study and make adjustments.

Cost: Or should we call it value? Some repricers start out at $100’s. Sure they provide a lot of bells and whistles but does your business need them. Sometimes it’s a matter of giving fancy names to things that should be provided anyway. Be watchful for a lot of marketing pitches to justify the cost and read the small print.

Marketplaces: Going global has been simplified by Amazon. So repricing on multiple marketplaces should be easy and affordable also.

Support: Not least of all, a good repricing company has to provide support for the users.

Read on, for below, we’ve compiled a list of the 11 best repricing tools available today. 

1. Alpha Repricer

Alpha Repricer - Think inside the Buy Box

Alpha Repricer launched its repricer in 2017. As such they are the veterans of such things as continuous repricing and instant repricing. Alpha Repricer rose to the challenge of minimizing the response time and has been the fastest Amazon repricer in the history of repricers. In late 2019, they introduced the Buy Box Hunter, the smart repricing strategy. Needless to say, it has been extremely popular with the sellers. The Buy Box Hunter aggressively goes for the Buy Box and then raises the price to maximize the profits.

It’s a feature-rich tool that caters to businesses of all sizes, literally from 1 listing to over 500,000 listings. Bulk actions, downloadable reports, FTP support, and many more features are available to all users. Users can filter competition to hone in on the real competitors on a listing. They can exclude/include specific sellers by ID, location, rating, etc.

Scheduling is instrumental in keeping the prices at the right place at the right time. Analytics at the level of single listings to the level of marketplaces are at users’ fingertips. Setup is easy plus free onboarding is available. Offering 16 marketplaces with more on the way, it’s one of the most comprehensive repricing tools.

2. Repricer Express

Repricer Express is also a veteran among Amazon repricers now owned by eDesk. They support 11 Amazon marketplaces. Designed for bigger sellers their subscriptions start at 5000 listings for $79 per month. They offer continuous repricing for the next level up at $249 for 50,000 listings. Chat support is offered at the $249 level as well. Repricer Express enables users to create instructions for the individual as well as group listings. Automation is offered at the $399 per month level.

This repricer is also known for minimizing error margins while automatically updating currency rates. The primary drawback of RepricerExpress is its relatively expensive subscription rate for even basic packages.

3. – previously known as AppEagle – is yet another veteran repricing tool. Users have access to advanced algorithms and strategies that increase the odds of winning the buy box. Benefits of using include competitor analytics, integration with other selling software, maintaining the buy box, and the ability to incrementally increase prices. 

Although the repricer has effective functionality, its starting price is quite more expensive than others in the market and features a shorter trial period. Their pricing is based on the users’ monthly revenues. For example, revenues of up to $5000 a month will cost $49 per month in fees; $10,000 revenue will cost $99.

4. Repricer

Formally known as xSellco, and like repricerexpress, owned by eDesk. Repricer automatically has similar features to Repricerexpress with one difference being that they are priced even higher than Repricerexpress. Repricer adjusts and updates product prices whenever necessary, like the rest of the repricers. With a price adjustment time of 3 minutes, it is not among the faster software currently available to sellers. Standout features for this software include unlimited users on any account, advanced filters, and in-depth sales reports. 

A short trial period and an expensive $85monthly subscription are two factors that may turn Amazon sellers away. 

5. Seller Snap

Seller Snap offers AI repricing and custom repricing strategies. They also offer analytics that can be used to make business decisions. 11 marketplace and good graphics make it appealing enough. But with their lowest subscription being $250 a month, they are a bit pricey for the smaller sellers. They offer a 15-day trial period.

6. Profit Protector Pro

Serving Europe and North America, they support 11 Amazon marketplaces. They offer algorithmic and rule-based repricing and have a Chrome extension. The interface is clean. They have 3 pricing tiers $59.95/month for a 1,000 listings, $64.95 for 5,000 listings and 69.95 fo 10,000 listings. If you have more than 10,000 you need to contact them.

7. BQool

Bqool has done wonders with its marketing. They offer much of what all other repricers offer. For $25 and $50 subscriptions, repricing happens every 15 minutes. It offers insights and generates comprehensive reports but they are downloadable only at the $100 level. Smart repricing is restricted to 10 listings at the $50 level. Instant repricing starts at $100. Only 9 Amazon marketplaces are supported. EU (DE, ES, FR, IT, UK) is treated as one marketplace but the other four marketplaces cost additional fees to add.

8. Reprice Solution

Reprice Solution is an Amazon repricing software that has user-friendly features. Starting at $29/month, Reprice Solution has an informative dashboard featuring easy and quick repricing options as well as advanced solutions. Users also get access to reports, detailed overviews, listing summaries, and the option to update prices instantly. They only support and Walmart repricing.

9. Feedvisor

Feedvisor caters to larger sellers, thus they do not provide information readily. They also offer AI repricing. Users are able to analyze targeted niches in real-time and obtain operational insights. Aside from that, the software is also capable of optimizing users’ investment strategies which may be why it is preferred by numerous experts. A 60-day trial is the longest offered but their pricing is not advertised.

Getting your money’s worth

There are several Amazon tools that sellers can use to run a successful Amazon business. One of them is repricing software.

We’ve listed what we believe to be eight of the leading repricing software available in the market. However, there is a lot of variation in how much they offer at each subscription level. Intelligent repricing is one of the key features but not all repricers offer it at all levels. A second most important feature is the speed of the repricing engine and how often the price changes occur. This too is restricted by most repricers according to the subscription level. Generally, the repricers do not start giving full service until the users pay close to $100 a month.

Alpha Repricer, being the fastest and having the most successful repricer, offers all the features to all the sellers at $33 to start. The only distinction they make is that in their $25 per month subscription, only one marketplace is offered. The intelligent Buy Box Hunter has the stellar performance of winning the Buy Box.

In a marketplace where winning the buy box is the primary factor behind driving sales, Alpha Repricer is the software of choice.