The peak season has arrived and Amazon sellers are gearing up for the holiday rush! As we anticipate the holiday hustle, toy sellers are stockpiling their inventory for grand sales that the Q4 consumer extravaganza promises.

Even though the Toys and Games category is open for business for the majority of the year, Amazon increases requirements and pressure on sellers who want to dominate the Q4 sales peak. Holiday sales in this particular category are exceptionally high, and profits are hefty. However, neglecting updates from Amazon may result in a plethora of sales being missed.

Amazon has its checklist ready, and it’s time to check it twice! The requirements listed by Amazon are meant to ensure that sellers are well-prepared to deliver the holiday joy to customers. Rest assured, Alpha Repricer is here to pin down all the important updates, and tips so you succeed this holiday season.

Let’s get started!


Following are the freshest updates  and must-meet requirements for new FBM sellers delving into the Toys and games category this holiday season:

1.       Ensure that your first sale on Amazon occurred before 1st September 2023. It doesn’t have to be in Toys & Games. In short, if you have recently joined Amazon and want to sell under Toys & Games, then it is important that your first sale was before 1st September, in whichever category.

2.       Another easy-to-meet criterion is that the seller must have processed and delivered a minimum of 25 orders using FBM, from 15th August to 14th October 2023.

3.       Try not to cancel any FBM orders if you want to sell successfully during Q4. Amazon requires you to be cautious between 15th September and 14th October and have your pre-fulfillment cancellation rate below 1.75%.

4.       Similarly, your late shipment rate should be no more than 4% between the same dates.

5.       Your order defect rate needs to be below 1%.

Yes, Amazon gets pretty strict during the holiday season when it comes to the Toys and Games category and drops the percentages just to ensure that customers get the right products. Make sure not to take these rules for granted.


These requirements are solely for the Toys and Games category and apply from 1st November 2023 to 3rd January 2024. Feel free to continue listing as an FBM seller in all other Amazon categories during this period of time. Moreover, if you are an FBA seller, you don’t need to worry at all! The criteria mentioned above are for FBM sellers and if you are permitted to sell toys during this season, feel free to do so; using FBA.


Before sellers list any toys for children aged 12 and under, make sure they meet the safety standards outlined by CPSIA and ASTM F963-16/-17. Amazon will request documentation verifying adherence to toy safety standards, and you will need to provide these documents to confirm that your products are safe for little children. Make sure you have the following certificates in hand if you are planning to sell toys for young kids:

1.       CPSIA (The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act)

2.       ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) F963-16/-17


Well, it’s not quite new but still not so popular. Did you know that Amazon also has an “Easy Ship” method, apart from FBA and FBM ?Easy Ship can be a hassle-free solution for delivering toys. With this fulfillment method, Amazon takes care of logistics, while you take charge of storing and packing of the products. It enhances your convenience, and also provides you with a reliable delivery system that most customers trust! Your customers won’t be receiving any broken toys or defective products which will eventually benefit you. Try it out this season instead of traditional FBM to save time and effort.


To help you pick out the best toys to sell on Amazon, here is a list of what you can sell under the Toys & Games category:

1.       Building toys (For example: Lego)

2.       Board games (For example: Monopoly, Ludo)

3.       Remote control cars/vehicles

4.       Sports activities

5.       Educational toys and learning games

6.       Preschool toys for infants

7.       Role-play games (For example: kitchen sets, doctors kits)

8.       Ride-ons


Follow these tips to succeed in the Toys and games category this season:

·         Image is everything:

Optimize your toy listings with catchy product images, and snappy titles. Visually attractive listings can grab customers’ attention and make your toys pop in a crowded marketplace like Amazon. Work on your product description to make it clear and interesting for buyers, especially children. Children these days get on their phones/tabs and order what they like. Make sure you make your listings attractive for them.

·         Price smart, sell smart:

To stay on top of market trends, try to keep competitive toy prices. Consider using an Amazon repricer to take care of your product prices this season since you will already have a lot on your plate. Moreover, come up with eye-catching deals and attractive discounts to grab the attention of savvy shoppers.

·         Diversify your listings

Offer a variety of toys to accommodate a range of age groups, preferences, trends, and interests. Having a diverse collection of toys can help you reach a wider audience and increase sales. Also, if you are selling these many toys, then make sure you ask customers to send reviews. Positive reviews can help potential customers consider your product rather than somebody else’s.

·         Be unique

To create a beautiful/engaging toy store on Amazon, it is important to stay consistent with your brand image and story. Make sure the customers remember where they shopped from. Come up with a catchy logo, stick it on your packaging, include thank you cards, and form a brand identity. This will help you make a long-lasting impression on your customers.


As you move forward on your Amazon toy-selling journey, remember the updates, tips, and important notes that we have mentioned to guide you throughout. Moreover, make sure not to take too much pressure and enjoy this time of growth and increased visibility. The addition of an Amazon repricing tool can take a burden off your shoulders so try it to free yourselves from pricing worries. Thank you!