As a business owner, you can run into unpleasant circumstances, such as negative reviews from an unhappy customer. However, negative feedback provides you with an opportunity to improve your business. It can give you a goldmine of information on how to improve your products and other aspects of your business. At times, negative feedback might be trolls looking for trouble. But, you can always use negative feedback to your benefit. Sometimes, the right amount of constructive comments is what your business needs to develop your brand.

Let’s look at the top 6 ways you can utilize all those negative reviews and seller feedback to improve your product and customer service!

  1. Focus on building customer trust
  2. Work on your product
  3. Increase your customer base
  4. Learn about the issues of your customers
  5. Optimize your SEO
  6. Display your reviews
  7. Final thoughts

Focus on building customer trust!

When a brand has a full star rating and only positive comments- customers get a little suspicious if the ratings have been purchased or fabricated. Most of the sellers in e-commerce end up censoring negative reviews so that they don’t show up on the front page, and smart customers find out about it just by doing some research.

However, this kind of activity comes with a lot of trouble. First, you can get suspended by Amazon for purchasing fake reviews or censoring negative ones. And customers have a voice that they can use to leave reviews about you off of Amazon. Social media is a powerful tool, and the word can spread in no time! You can lose sales if you don’t work on building customer trust. Show them what you are, and let the negative comments be! It shows the genuineness of your brand, and a few negative comments can be overcome. Aim to respond constructively and positively to negative comments instead of deleting or censoring them.

Work on your product!

Customers can be a little harsh at times, but they are not always wrong! If customers are repeatedly expressing a bad view regarding your product, then something about your product may need improvement. There may also be demand for accessories or other versions of your product. This is a great opportunity to improve your inventory and
meet customer needs.

Whatever you are offering may not match the customers’ needs (or wishlist). It may be that you did not gauge your target audience accurately and either need to change your product line or the customer base you are trying to attract. All these negative reviews are a robust opportunity for you to fine-tune your business all around.

Increase your customer base

The most important point to remember is that negative reviews don’t have to damage your total sales. Even they can get you more customers and increase your conversion rate! Savvy customers usually compare products from different shoppers and examine every aspect, including all the defects and reviews. If they perceive that the problems stated in the review section are exaggerated, they may ignore those reviews and still consider your product for purchase.

Your product can’t stay away from criticism, and there will be a few customers that won’t like your product. However, smart shoppers are aware that they should not dismiss an item because of a few dissatisfied consumers. Do remember to demonstrate a proactive and helpful approach to negative reviews and feedback. Customers like to know that they are buying from someone who is professional and responsible.

Learn about the issues of your customers

If you come across a negative comment, make sure you reach out to that customer and ask what went wrong. Let them know how important their feedback is to you and what measures you will take to improve.

Also, use email marketing to remind your customers to leave their feedback after receiving your product. Reminding them through an email is a way of bringing them back to your product page to leave a review. It’s the best way to increase your five-star rating and also get more reviews! Just do not solicit them for positive reviews, this is against Amazon’s policy and you can lose your seller account.

Optimize your SEO

If you feel like customers can’t find your items easily or have a hard time understanding your description, you must work on that! It is quite possible that you are not using accurate keywords. After going through the feedback from your customers, extract their word choices. This couples with word choices in positive feedback and reviews can reveal a pattern of keywords you need to be using. Use the right keywords on Amazon as well as on social media, to increase visibility.

Display your reviews!

Make sure you show off your reviews to your customers! Use reviews you get from all your social media platforms and use them to attract traffic and convey a message that you trust your product to fulfill customer needs, as it has in the past! Displaying positive reviews and making them a major component of your site can help reduce the sting of negative feedback. And as long as you remain openly responsive to all feedback and reviews, customers will know you want to give them the best! As long as you don’t bury negative feedback, customers will be more willing to trust the positive reviews and feedback. Just use all feedback and reviews the smart way and don’t look for an easy way out.

Final Thoughts

We hope you find the insight useful and take full advantage of your negative reviews and feedback! This is basically data for you to factor into your business strategy.

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