Q4 has been the most profitable season for Amazon sellers. Amazon’s sales increased by 9% by the end of Q4 in 2021, totaling 137.4 billion! That’s huge, right? However, as exciting as it might sound, Q4 also brings in a lot of workload for Amazon sellers. As Q4 season is just around the corner, it is crucial to start making preparations in advance if you want to increase your sales on Amazon.

In this blog, we’ve compiled a few tips that will enable you to boost Amazon sales and perform well in Q4.

Table of contents:

  1. Start planning in advance
  2. Make your Amazon listings attractive
  3. Expand your product line
  4. Get Amazon repricing software
  5. Source enough inventory
  6. Start advertising

1.      Start planning in advance

When it comes to selling on Amazon during Q4, coming up with a strategy should be your first step. Since Q4 is the biggest, busiest, and most profitable season of the year, you want to make sure you plan ahead of time and prepare adequately. Revise your fulfillment strategy, pay attention to your supply chain, and decide how you would advertise your products. Keep track of all the upcoming events and dates that are pertinent to your brand and start with the promotions accordingly. As mentioned earlier, it is important to strategize! Come up with unique ideas to advertise your products, plan your campaign and publish your ads to reach your potential customers on time and influence them to purchase your products.

Moreover, it is important to connect with your supplier and order inventory beforehand so that you don’t run out of stock and serve your customers till the end of the season.

2.      Make your Amazon listings attractive

It isn’t easy to capture your customers’ attention, especially during Q4 when every seller is trying his best to get maximum sales. As the competition increases, it is important to dig deep and come out with the best tactics to stand out from the crowd. One way to go about it is by optimizing your listings on Amazon.

Start by conducting thorough keyword research. Make a list of all the relevant, high-ranking keywords and add those keywords to your product title, description, and bullet points.

Once you are done adding the keywords, move your attention toward your product images. It is crucial to have top-quality photographs on your product page that show the customers how your product can be used, and what benefits it has. In short, how does your product change their life? If you can’t show it through images, consider creating a video and adding it to your product page.  If you want additional features to make your product page look even more interesting, use Amazon A+ content.

Experiment with different templates, titles, and images before deciding which one works best according to the Q4 season.

3.      Expand your product line

It isn’t easy to sell on Amazon, considering how competitive the marketplace is. If you want to differentiate yourself from other sellers, you have to be innovative. Expansion of your product line can help in boosting sales and reach more customers. Start by conducting thorough product research that can help you find the perfect product to add to your listings. Check out the Best Seller list on Amazon to see the most in-demand products and then make an informed decision.

Moreover, make sure to gather enough positive reviews on your existing products to help customers choose your products over someone else’s.

4.      Get Amazon repricing software!

The competition gets fierce during the Q4 season, with sellers trying to keep their product prices competitive to capture maximum sales. If you want buyers to choose your product over the others, you need to offer the best product prices. However, since it is the busiest season, sellers don’t have time to keep repricing their product prices to stay on top of the listings. This is where an Amazon repricing tool can help. A repricer helps you offer the most competitive product prices in the market while not compromising on your profit margin. As a result, you get increased sales as well as maximum profits! Moreover, a repricing tool can also help you win the Amazon Buy Box. Give it a try!

5.      Source enough inventory

If you succeed in managing your inventory till the end of the Q4 season, you are the real boss! Running out of inventory in the 4th quarter is not an option, according to all the top sellers. If you run out of inventory at the wrong time, you can end up losing sales. Moreover, your Amazon product rankings may suffer because of it too.

If you sell through Fulfillment by Amazon, then it gets more crucial for you to manage your inventory and send all your products on time to the warehouses. Storage fees might reach their peak during the Q4 season too. You’ll spend extra in Q4 for fulfillment centers to store your products. Therefore, to avoid paying extra for the storage, make sure to anticipate the exact amount of inventory you will require to last till the end of the season. If it’s been a while since you have been selling on the platform, then you can check your past sales data to make calculated decisions.

Sending your product to fulfillment centers before the deadline is a great way to prevent yourself from paying exorbitant storage fees. Moreover, if you think you might have a hard time managing your inventory this season, then consider signing up with an inventory management tool. It will help in fulfilling your orders smoothly, while you take care of other business aspects.

6.      What are you waiting for? Start advertising!

Sellers start to plan for Q4 advertising campaigns months back to get maximum attention from customers. You don’t have much time left! Start promoting your products to boost your sales on Amazon. Take advantage of Amazon PPC advertising. You have to begin early so you have enough time to gather data and develop an effective advertising plan. Once your advertising campaign has begun, keep an eye out for the useless keywords, and remove them to save money.

The key is to run unique, eye-catching ads on Amazon as well as on other social media sites to attract maximum audience. Marketing your products on social media is a great way to increase awareness regarding your products and target an entirely new set of audiences. Don’t miss out on that opportunity and if you can spend money, then pay influencers to promote your products to their followers as well. You will get tons of new customers from all different platforms.

In conclusion,

Q4 can be a very exciting, yet hectic season for every Amazon seller. However, by using all the tips mentioned above, you can get ahead of the competition, boost sales, and earn a maximum profit on Amazon. Stay tuned for more updates related to Q4. Happy selling!


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