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June, 10 2021

How to Increase Sales with an Amazon PPC Campaign?

How to increase sales with an Amazon ad campaign

Amazon PPC advertising campaigns have gained prominence. Furthermore, Amazon’s product ad revenue has topped 2 billion dollars this quarter, beating the previous record. Amazon’s business of advertising is expanding at a much higher pace than before, making competition more challenging. As a result, using a proper strategy to skyrocket your sales using an Amazon PPC campaign is essential to outperform your competition. Following the right tips is going to help you increase sales, revenue, and brand value!

This post has brought a few tips to help you increase your sales and visibility with an Amazon PPC campaign.

1.      Create a persuasive Ad by using the right words!

This is where your imagination and creativity comes into play. It is the initial stage that can significantly affect your marketing strategy. Choosing the correct promotional text is difficult, but remember that it’s the first thing your customer will notice after the image.

Make sure your ad’s text is error-free and accurately structured. It must clearly state what the product is. It should be inventive and distinctive from others. You must choose the proper ad wording for your PPC campaign to help you stand out amongst the crowd. Moreover, keep in mind that if you’re offering a fantastic discount or promotion, terms like “Shop now!”, “Hurry up” or “What are you waiting for?” can help you attract customers. It will entice them to click if the PPC is highlighted uniquely.

2.      Focus on the right keywords

Keywords play a crucial role in driving traffic to your products and turning them into clicks. Not every keyword is equal, and some must have a higher value in terms of favorability. Your task is to figure out which potential keywords are useful and then use the best ones from the list and discard others.

You can also refer to Amazon’s Search Term Report to know about the various keywords that lead to your product category

Use the high-ranked keywords in your product title, image title, and keywords section of your listing.

3.      Add a high-quality, attractive image!

The product image is another crucial aspect of Amazon’s PPC campaign optimization. The particular images you choose are going to attract plenty of customers out there! A neat, high-quality image enhances the product listing’s appeal. It raises your brand’s worth and promotes your sales and visibility on Amazon.

According to Amazon, you can post seven to nine photos for each item, making the most out of this space. Before you upload your images on Amazon for your PPC campaign, make sure you go through the following points:

  • Your images must be shot with a high-resolution camera by a professional.
  •  Even if you decide to click them, make sure the background is clear and the image quality is high.
  • Make the images look real.

4.      If you are new at this, let Amazon do it for you!

When you are a beginner starting a PPC campaign on Amazon, you will discover that it’s a complicated little world to manage. As a result, it makes far more sense to depend on automation because of its dependable track record and widespread use, rather than struggling with it yourself.

Here, we will primarily discuss automated targeting, where you allow Amazon to determine the right keywords for you. We previously discussed that a good way is to choose fantastic keywords, but this trick aims to assist beginners or the latest emerging brand campaigns in achieving their goals.

5.      Keep track of your metrics!

If there is one thing that you must get a hold of, it’s metrics.  If you don’t keep track of your metrics on a regular basis, you can incur a loss as well!

Here, we are specifically talking about three essential metrics:

  • Your sales and profits earned from the PPC campaign.
  • The total sum of money you invested over a set period of time.
  • The Total Cost of goods sold i.e. the profit you receive per item compared to how much invested in its advertisement.

6.      Keep changing your ads to know the best format that works for you!

Amazon’s PPC campaign is the most prominent advertising strategy and has the fastest return on investment. It does, however, take time to figure out the correct trick to take your ad one step ahead!

Experimenting to find a technique that works best for your products is worthwhile. As soon as you figure out the right ad structure that is optimum for you, set a budget based on the outcomes of your campaign! Always keep your budget flexible to get the best results out of your PPC campaign.

Final Thoughts

Now that we are done talking about the PPC campaign, we must pitch in the idea of your business using an Amazon repricer to help you keep the best product prices in the market to get maximum sales! Alpha Repricer– the Fastest Amazon repricer adjusts your product prices based on the wants of your buyers! Sign up now for our 14-day free trial to experience our features and then make a decision.

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