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February, 22 2021

How to Grow Your E-Commerce Business in 2021

how to grow ecommerce in 2021

Over the last couple of decades, there has been a major shift towards online retail. Many traditional stores are going out of business or adding an online element to their business. With the arrival of COVID-19, more people are selling and shopping online. The pandemic has given a boost to the e-commerce business in 2021. Online retail affords customers a more convenient and, in the current environment, safer shopping experience

However, even with the growth in opportunities, it is a challenge to start an online retail business. Especially since there is also growing competition. But there are measures you can take to successfully define your customer base and market your product.

Identify your target customer base

As an online seller, especially when you are new to the market, you can’t target every customer out there. It takes time and a few steps to start selling. And then expand your range of products to target different markets. The key to expanding your range of products and customers is market segmentation. Segmentation requires focusing on a specific audience, attracted to a specific product or range of products. and customer market segmentation.

Choosing a product to sell always comes after analyzing the market and what your target audience might like. First, establish the audience you want to target and the product. Then, you can easily focus on marketing your e-commerce business. 

Customer Service must be your priority

Providing quality service to your customers is always the first step to attracting repeat business. Customers cannot try or test online products before purchasing them. That’s why a lot of effort is required to make customers comfortable with buying your products. It is important to make the entire shopping experience as straightforward and secure as possible. You should have measures in place to resolve problems quickly and smoothly.

Get positive reviews to attract more buyers

People tend to judge products by looking at reviews and then deciding on the product. Bad reviews or negative feedback might scare off new and even current customers. Always ensure that your products and services are in good order to reduce the chances of dissatisfied customers.

Make sure that you communicate with unhappy customers as quickly and professionally as possible. Even if you lose some money in the process, bolstering your customer service reputation can make up for your losses.

Take extra care with your loyal customers

Do not risk the loss of repeat customers by overlooking their purchases and interest in your business. It is always better to sell your product to a happy, satisfied customer than to a new one. Take the time to acknowledge your return customers and consider providing an incentive to continue buying from you. Cultivate a relationship with your repeat customers. It may increase the chances of them leaving good reviews and recommending your products to their family and friends.

Some e-commerce businesses focus all of their marketing or deals on new customers. They forget to tap into the long-term benefits of repeat customers whose satisfaction with their businesses can attract more customers. Don’t miss out on the chance to attract your existing customers to new products or deals and discounts.

Market your way through!

Sellers often limit their marketing to advertising their products and hoping customers will find and buy from their business. However, customers these days research products they are looking for and consider all their options before buying. As a seller, you must have marketing strategies for before, during, and after the purchasing process.  Learn about the needs of your potential customers and gear product marketing towards those needs. Add valuable information that your customers may be seeking to fulfill in buying your product.

Your marketing should be such that customers feel comfortable once they have decided to purchase your product. The product itself should be convincing and attractive. You can also include promotional material after the purchasing process is complete, to further interest customers in your products.

E-commerce businesses can sell globally!

If you have a store geared towards a very specific group of people such as by region, you serve a very restricted customer base. The beauty of having an e-commerce business is that you can sell anywhere!. To increase your customer base determine a customer base that exists on a global level. Once you begin to generate global interest in your product be sure to arrange and market international shipping options. This will encourage international customers to purchase from you.

Target influencers and market creatively

You can never go wrong with content or influencer marketing. These are two of the best and most affordable ways to grow your online business. Many e-commerce businesses benefit from striking up partnerships with influencers. Generate creative content that is pertinent to your product and of interest to your audience. Having a regular output of quality content that provides information on relevant topics will increase your online presence. This, in turn, will attract more customers.

You can add to the success of content marketing by attracting influencers. Working with influencers will help expand your product exposure. As influencers are already established with a large audience, their reviews and recommendations will reach many people. And that too with minimal effort from you. To tap into the benefit of influencers’ audiences it is good practice to engage with influencers on their various social media platforms. Be sure to research the influencers. Ensure that their message is in line with your company values. This will reduce prospects of any PR issues that can negatively impact your brand.

Keep your e-commerce business competitive

There are going to be millions of sellers out there selling similar products. It is important to take the time to really get to know your customer base. Take time to identify the unique ways your product is the best one for them. Based on this information you can find creative ways to make your product stand out. Furthermore, keep an eye out for the latest technology and marketing trends. These can help you sell your products more quickly. Maintain a high-quality social media presence on two or three platforms. Opt for quality over quantity. Keep your website up to do date and take the time to occasionally touch up your website’s aesthetics. Provide seasonal and other deals and discounts that are geared to customer interests. Above all offer competitive prices.

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